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Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

 (Numbered Limited Edition)


Mobile Fidelity



Product No.:
AMOB 45011
UPC: 821797450119
In Stock

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 45 RPM 180 Gram


Miles Davis Kind of Blue on numbered limited edition 180-gram 45 RPM double LP box set from Mobile Fidelity

Best-selling album in jazz history!

1/4" / 15 ips / Dolby SR analog remix master to DSD 64 to analog console to lathe

Mobile Fidelity 180-gram 45 RPM double LP box set is definitive analog version, intended to be passed on to generations

Dream team of Davis, Adderley, Coltrane, Evans, Kelly, Chambers, Cobb make history

How does one properly introduce an epochal record? Perhaps by unequivocally stating that it is the best-selling jazz album in history. Or by affirming that, every year, it sells tens of thousands of copies more than five decades after its original release. There's also the matter of its status as the most-referenced, and arguably, most important, jazz recording of all-time. And the Dream Team lineup of Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb. Yes, Kind of Blue is utterly inimitable.

Part of Mobile Fidelity's Miles Davis catalog restoration series, the landmark has been given the ultimate white-gloves treatment. Mastered from the original master tapes, and pressed on 45 RPM LPs at RTI, this sumptuous box set of the often-reissued album is a must for even fans that already possess multiple versions. Such is the illuminating transparency, reference dynamics, organic warmth, and instrumental detail exposed by the thoroughly scrupulous mastering process. If there's a stairway to heaven, this is the soundtrack.

In its three-decade-plus history, Mobile Fidelity has never been prouder to have the honor of handling efforts as important as Davis' key recordings. It's why the label's engineers took every available measure to transport listeners to the March and April 1959 sessions that parlayed modal jazz into mainstream language. The blueprint for melodic improvisation and vamping, Kind of Blue simplifies tonal organization and chordal progression into an eminently beautiful, introspective tapestry stitched with swinging poetry, mellifluous soloing, compositional lyricism, transcendental harmonies, and group interplay of the highest caliber.

While no one has ever completely identified the magic behind the record's allure — the otherworldly nature is part of its inherent charm — much of the success lies with the band members. Davis intentionally handpicked these musicians to comprise this particular cast, with everyone from former foil Evans to blues maestro Kelly to percussive genius Cobb interacting and reacting with peerless skill.

An audiophile favorite from the day it was issued, Kind of Blue takes on nirvanic sonic proportions via Mobile Fidelity's reissue. The expressive warmth, imaging clarity, frequency extension, and window-on-the-world breadth afforded by this new edition places music lovers right in the studio with the sextet. Close your eyes and, no matter how many times you may have heard it before, your experience will parallel that of the players that recorded these gems. Everyone shares in the excitement of not knowing what will happen and, as the music begins to lie out in front of you, you'll feel as if you've been whisked away to a jazz holy land. Quintessential.

Side 1
1. So What

Side 2
2. Freddie Freeloader
3. Blue in Green

Side 3
4. All Blues

Side 4
5. Flamenco Sketches

Customer Reviews (4.24 Stars) 21 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 03/12/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob
Thank you Mobile Fidelity for this gem. I love what you did with this very important record. I have the original and I believe you have not only done justice but have surpassed the original album. Thanks for your hard work.

Bloated, but sounds good overall.

posted on 03/07/2020
4 Stars
Reviewer: Max
After comparing to the original, I've notice that many of the sounds are overdone and bloated in the bass region making it must less musical than it could have been.

Good recording

posted on 12/13/2019
4 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
Music is great and everything is 'right' except the bass part which is overblown and not connected to the rest of the freq range. My K2 HD Master CD version of the same album is better and perfect balanced.

Kind of Great

posted on 03/18/2019
5 Stars
Amazing pressing. This is now my go to when I want to sit down, pour myself a drink and listen to this record. It's like they're playing right in front of you. And that's comparing it to my OG 6eye pressing.

warmed over?

posted on 01/24/2017
3 Stars
I agree the bass is somewhat bloated and there is very little sense of air to resemble live music on my 45 rpm pressing of this great LP. Many of my 70s re-issues sound much more like live music in comparison IMO


posted on 09/18/2016
1 Stars
Reviewer: Ben S.
I was excited to purchase this extraordinary classic. The music is absolutely timeless and extraordinary.

Too bad MoFi has failed to reach the heights of Miles Davis' giant talent. Poor manufacturing of the vinyl discs in this set was really a disappointment. A scratch (click, clikc, click, etc.) and pops/cracks that cleaning on a VPI RCM could not cure.

Didn't have time to return the album set, so I have one that's far less than what it should be.

I've experienced similar problems with other MoFi releases. It seems like you have a 50/50 chance of getting a bad one.

Considering what these records cost, they should be much better. I won't buy any more of these poorly manufactured MoFi releases. The glory days for MoFi are long gone!

Great Music, Great LP

posted on 12/18/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
Everyone knows about this album. One of the greatest jazz albums ever. My copy needed a trip to the record cleaning machine as side 1 had several pops and a little distortion in the middle... after cleaning all is well. The music comes across wonderfully, and yes there is more bass than usual, especially on side 1, but I found I liked it. You will definitely be more aware of the bass than in any other release, but its not crazy. All the horns, piano, and drums sound great... Its a truly fine release of this classic and worthy to pick up without a doubt.

Love it

posted on 11/25/2015
5 Stars
Like everyone else, I've been waiting for years for this and my wait has been rewarded. My copy is dead quiet and the dynamics of all tracks is far superior to my Classic records 33 1/3 and my original Columbia 6 eye.

I will pick up a second to archive.


posted on 10/19/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bruce
I was pleasantly surprised to be notified of this release, since I ordered it 4 years ago. This is clearly better than any other release I have. I have a very good 33 RPM Stereo version and an OK Mono version.

The bass is slightly more pronounced in this 45 RPM but it is very tight. It's closer to the bass level of live performances. I think 45 RPM has given the bass more room.The horns are clear and fully extended, much better than the 33 RPM. A sign of significant sound improvement is that I had no desire to put on either 33 RPM version.

In addition, the packaging is excellent. It's in hard box, which I don't think was advertised.

I bought a second copy, since you don't get a 45 RPM of this album often. I have not heard the Classic Records 45 RPM so I can't compare the two.

Whole New Kind of Blue

posted on 10/09/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jim-New Hampshire
This is the best version of KOB that I own, and I own several on vinyl, SACD and CD. The best way I can describe this release is that other releases put you in the control booth with the technicians. This MoFi release drops you right in the studio next to the musicians! The clarity of all the instruments, especially Coltrane's sax is amazing! The soudstage is deep & wide. It sends shivers up my spine every time I listen to it! I have listened to this LP at least three time a day every day since it arrived. I do want to note that the first copy that arrived had an unacceptable level of surface noise. In all fairness this is not MoFi's fault. I have had this problem with several titles over the past year that have been pressed at RTI. I've been disappointed with many of the newer MoFi releases, but MoFi hit this version of KOB out of the park! No matter how many versions of Kind of Blue you own, you owe it to yourself to grab this version up while you can. Highly recommended!!!

Maybe a hint too much bass

posted on 10/09/2015
4 Stars
Reviewer: Tom D
After this record was announced, I've waited to buy myself the LP of 'Kind Of Blue'. This was well worth the wait and indeed it was a wait. No problem for me, I have a lot of records to listen to while waiting. Bass is a little too much but then again one can now experience Paul's magnificent bass play! I think the sound is live and very well balanced. Big image and especially the saxes are sounding dead on! I discovered a lot more music in this LP than I ever did, thanks!

Yes, THE definitive version

posted on 10/08/2015
5 Stars
This is truly a sonic experience. One of the most Immersive and 3- dimensional sound stages that have ever heard on vinyl.

MOFI's 45-rpm reissue is an extremely rare 100 out of 100; I can't stop listening to it.

Someone said that they thought that once this MOFI becomes unavailable that it will be worth $200. I disagree. I think that once word gets out that this is THE definitive version of KOB, audiophiles will be lining up to pay $500+. And honestly, once these do go OOP, I don't even think I would sell mine for that.


posted on 10/06/2015
3 Stars
To my ears, doesn't nearly have the depth, airiness, and all-around detail of Classic Records' 45 RPM. Plus, the midrange sounds a bit thin here to me.

Recorded Yesterday

posted on 10/06/2015
5 Stars
I think this sounds great . I like the bass. Much more pronounced. I can understand why some people may not like this because the bass is so much more there than the classic records album but I like it. Detail is off the charts.


posted on 10/05/2015
5 Stars
This was one of the finest recordings I have ever heard. Each instrument was like you were right there in the room with the musicians. This is a treasure!! Nice job MOFI!!

Sounds terrific to me!

posted on 10/05/2015
5 Stars
Zero surface noise. Balance of instruments is great. Miles' Martin Committee trumpet sounds just as it should live, and the tone of Cannonball's King Super 20 alto is exquisite. Evans' piano rings true. Cobb's cymbals on "So What" sound perfect!


posted on 10/04/2015
3 Stars
Reviewer: Ian
There has been some editorializing with this mastering - the bass is thunderous (and annoying) and masks a lot of information. No real sense of air and the highs have either been intentionally rolled off or the tape has lost those frequencies. I have a fairly lean sounding system and usually hear a lot of air and tight bass but with this recording I feel like I have subwoofers turned up way too high. YMMV.

white hot stamper!

posted on 10/03/2015
5 Stars
il take this over any 1000 dollar tom port hot stamper..thank you mofi,acoustic sounds and miles..super nice all around...

Best Jazz recording of all time

posted on 10/01/2015
5 Stars
The long wait for this recording was worth it. I have own other lps and another 45rpm version of 'Kind of Blue',but this is by far the hallmark of them all. Once out of print,this record set will sell for at least four times it's $50.00 price tag. So BUY IT!!!!

Not what I expected

posted on 09/25/2015
2 Stars
After years of waiting, I listened today and was a bit let down by this record. To recalibrate my hearing, I played my Classic Records copy of Kind Of Blue and it immediately reminded of how great this record can sound.I don't wan't to sound negative or cynical but if MOFI can't keep up with Analogue Productions and Music Matters they need to quit waving that Original Master Recording banner around.

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