Stephen Tharp - Marcel Dupre: The Stations of the Cross Opus 29 at Saint Sulpice


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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Marcel Dupre improvised these meditations on poems by Paul Claudel in Brussels in 1931, and later wrote them down. This new recording is the first ever CD release of Dupre's complete Stations of the Cross from St. Sulpice, Paris, Dupre's own instrument. International recording artist Stephen Tharp, who recorded his first CD with JAV at St. Sulpice in 2001, performs the entire work in SACD surround sound. The disc is playable on all CD players. Program notes on the music, the organ, and the Stations of the Cross are written in English, French and German.  

1. Jesus est condamne a mort/Jesus is condemned to death
2. Jesus est charge de la Croix/Jesus receives his Cross
3. Jesus tombe sous le poids de sa Croix/Jesus falls the first time
4. Jesus recontre sa mere/Jesus meets his mother
5. Simon le Cyreneen aide Jésus à porter sa Croix/Simon the Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his Cross
6. Une femme pieuse essuie la face de Jesus/Jesus and Veronica
7. Jesus tombe a terre pour la deuxieme fois/Jesus falls a second time
8. Jesus console les filles d’Israel qui le suivent/Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem
9. Jesus tombe pour la troisieme fois/Jesus falls a third time
10. Jesus est depouille de ses vetements/Jesus is stripped of his clothes
11. Jesus est attache sur la Croix/Jesus is nailed to the Cross
12. Jesus meurt sur la Croix/Jesus dies upon the Cross
13. Jesus est detache de la Croix et remis a sa Mere/The body of Jesus is taken from the Cross and laid in Mary’s bosom
14. Jesus est mis dans le sepulcre/The body of Jesus is laid in the tomb

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