Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Ella and Louis

 (Mono Version)


Analogue Productions (Verve)



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AVRJ 4003-45
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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM    
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Preowned Vinyl Record

Preowned Vinyl Record
French pressing Canada Collection

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

2013 Stereophile Record To Die For (R2D4)!

"If you're a jazz-following audiophile, go buy this right away. Flummoxed by the $50 price tag? How much would you pay for the most palpable illusion you'll ever experience that Pops and the First Lady of Song are back among the living—standing, breathing, singing, and blowing, right in front of you? ... It's the only QRP Verve I've heard so far, but if it's a harbinger of things to come, it's what Satch would call a mitzvah!" — Fred Kaplan, www.stereophile.com, December 2011

"All hail Analogue Productions, the audiophile record company in Salina, Kansas, for hiring the best engineers to invent a new formula for pressing vinyl. The results are simply staggering. Check out the 45rpm remaster of the 1956 Ella & Louis (Fitzgerald & Armstrong). If you have a good stereo, you'll swear they're in the room!" — Fred Kaplan, Slate, December 2011

"...these are all truly classic Verve titles that you simply don't want to miss...most importantly, the sound of these reissues is nothing short of astounding. Particularly the early Billie and Ella mono records are incredible treasures of sonic beauty. I'd definitely ask Santa for the whole set, or, if you want to cherry pick, the most classic titles. Whatever you decide, you owe yourself at least a half dozen!" Winner of a 2012 Positive Feedback Online Writers' Choice Award — Danny Kaey, Positive Feedback Online, November/December 2011

The very fact that America's biggest jazz label called one of their albums quite simply Ella and Louis indicates that we are talking about something very special here. And surely enough has been said - "Satchmo" and the grande dame of jazz certainly need no further introduction. In the '50s just the mere mention of their forenames was enough to light up the eyes of jazz fans. A glance at the track list reveals that tranquility rules the day: wild stomps and improvised scats will neither be sought nor missed. Of prime importance to the jazz ballad is a feeling of "letting oneself drift" in the inspiration which gushes forth from the minds of genial American songwriters. This is no contest - for the artists all pursue a common goal with extreme sensitiveness. The background combo, made up of first-class musicians and led by Oscar Peterson, performs with great concentration and almost obtrusive unobtrusiveness. Verve's highly successful producer Norman Granz decided quite deliberately to make the recording in the studio instead of at a live session. And success has verified his judgment, for such vocal jazz knows only gentle tones - but the result is all the more intensive for that.



Originally released in 1956.

Louis Armstrong, trumpet, vocals
Ella Fitzgerald, vocals
Louie Bellson, drums
Ray Brown, bass
Barrett Deems, drums
Herb Ellis, guitar
Ed Hall, clarinet
Dale Jones, bass
Billy Kyle, piano
Oscar Peterson, piano
Buddy Rich, drums
Trummy Young, trombone


1. Can't We Be Friends
2. Isn't This a Lovely Day
3. Moonlight in Vermont
4. They can't take that away from Me
5. Under a Blanket of Blue
6. Tenderly
7. A Foggy Day
8. Stars Fell on Alabama
9. Cheek to Cheek
10. The Nearness of You
11. April In Paris

Customer Reviews (4.67 Stars) 18 person(s) rated this product.

Pure bliss

posted on 04/15/2022
5 Stars
This may be one of the finest recordings of music ever.

This is perfect. The pressing. The mastering. Everything.

Put this through a decent system and sit in amazement. The best investment youll make.

Best of the Best!

posted on 03/02/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Johnnymics
Just an absolutely gorgeous pressing of this album. As always, QRP has set the bar extremely high here. The record is dead silent. A depth and warmth that one would expect from a vinyl record, but that rarely gets achieved nowadays. I've never been let down from the guys at Acoustic Sounds. Class act though and though.

Sounds incredible!!

posted on 12/20/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian
Full and rich. Ella sounds so sweet!!! Nothing lean about this at all.

Just Beautiful!

posted on 12/09/2021
5 Stars
I'm really happy I decided to pick this one up! Just absolutely brilliant sound! My records are nice and flat and dead quiet. Another homerun! This might be the most American shit ever laid down on wax...

Simply AGOG

posted on 10/19/2020
5 Stars
This 45 drips musicality. The Verve sound in its all its glory. You can feel the voices of these masters like if you were the microphone. It doesn't get more intimate than this, it would be censored! The records and pressing dont get better than this! I would have payed twice the price. I work of sonic art in all respects. A must have for Ella and Satchmo connoisseurs. Fantastic!


posted on 05/26/2014
2 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
Unfortunately I bought 4 of the Acoustic Sounds 45rpm remastered Jazz Lp's and after listening to each one it first made me think there was something wrong with my system or turntable setup. They all have the same issue for me. They all are lean across the whole spectrum, and lack harmonic richness and tone. Sorry just completely wrong for me. I think you can be fooled with these records, but I'm sorry there just not right. I have compared them to the Original Lp's(several Stampers),Classic Record Reissues, and even the redbook Cd's and these Acoustic Sound versions fall short for me. I will be selling these and prefer the Classic Record reissues.

2 stars for the quietness of the vinyl and not the recording.

Sorry Acoustic Sounds, just my opinion.

Buy this one NOW!

posted on 03/05/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Chris O.
Just played the AP 45RPM pressing of this classic Verve LP for the first time. WOW! I have a regular 1970's domestic pressing I have heard for years for comparison. NO Comparison! The sound of Ray Brown's bass fills the room with a rich, full, musical bottom end that has to be experienced! Ella's voice is so 3D ..and Pop's trumpet is spot-on....If you know this classic, you will hear what you've been missing with this pressing....buy it today..

Great , but...

posted on 11/21/2012
3 Stars
Reviewer: DT
yes, surely great mastering job done, great sounding, but ... only where the record is flat!!!! unfortunately mine in NOT!!! pressing Not that good!

Simply Delightful

posted on 09/03/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: VicN
The sound quality is amazing given the age of the recording. There’s a little tape hiss just audible in the dead quiet pieces which doesn’t detract from the excellent sound quality. Ella’s voice is smooth as silk, Louis is gravely and joyous and the two just work together. The music is classic and …well as the title said…delightful!

Great sound!

posted on 05/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jorge Ferreira
Great sound from the original analogue master tapes, the sweet sound of vinyl!

Absolutely breath-taking!

posted on 04/02/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: AC
Wow. I thought I had it good with the Speakers Corner copy, but this one blows it out of the water completely. It is difficult to find words to describe the experience of listening to this record. Personally, I felt like I was eavesdropping on a very private, intimate session between these two giants of jazz. I felt like I wasn't supposed to be sitting there with them, and yet, I was. Only when the music stopped was I reminded that it was just a vinyl record. Gorgeous soundstage and depth with a full-bodied, natural tone, Chad & Crew really nailed this one. Wow. Just get it while you still can. Beautiful, beautiful stuff here.

Oh my!!

posted on 12/21/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike from NJ.
There is a good reason the all time classics are just that, this album is a prime example. Albums like this stay in rotation forever.

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