Duane Eddy - The Biggest Twang Of Them All

Duane Eddy - The Biggest Twang Of Them All





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Duane Eddy — The Biggest Twang of Them All

Duane's Lee Hazlewood-produced twangy takes on the hits of '66 are reissued for the first time!

Lacquers cut by Kevin Gray directly from the original master tapes

Pressed at Citizen Vinyl for optimum fidelity!

A twangy touch on 1960s hits!

As one of America's most influential guitarists, Duane Eddy's famed twangy, reverb-drenched guitar shines on this wide variety of pop-rock hits, standards, and more!

Backed by two drummers, four more guitars, organ, piano, bass, saxes, and that's just the beginning, Eddy goes unafraid at the kind of tunes that normally are "one person songs" such as "Ballad of the Green Berets" which becomes a twang-bang march under Eddy's banner. Like "Monday, Monday" which was "The Mamas and Papas" hit, and now has the wild newness of Duane Eddy.

After rising to fame in the late ‘50s with "Rebel Rouser," Eddy's influence on radio inspired musicians such as George Harrison and Bruce Springsteen. Rockabilly and country music were both major factors in Eddy's trademark sound; heavy, catchy guitar riffs over a ska-type beat. His hits included "Peter Gunn," "Because They're Young," and "Twistin' ‘n' Twangin'."

As music morphed into melodic sunshine pop, Eddy adapted his sound to fit chart hits of the ‘60s in his own twangy style.


1. This Guitar Was Made for Twangin'
2. Batman
3. Monday, Monday
4. Strangers in the Night
5. Night Train
6. Ballad of the Green Berets
7. Day Dream
8. What Now My Love
9. Younger Girl
10. Where Were You When I Needed You
11. A Groovy Kind of Love
12. Mame

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