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Limited edition lavender vinyl

Lacquers cut by Kevin Gray from the Mainstream Records master tape

Pressed in the U.S.A. at Citizen Vinyl for optimal sound!

Heavenly, crystalline psychedelic sounds, in our favored stereo mix! Jazzy, acoustic guitars and stacked Association-like harmonies showcase Tiffany Shade's gorgeous originals and a rendition of Love's "Softly To Me." Pressed on lavender vinyl!

After a chance meeting in a record store, this Cleveland band got their start on Upbeat!, a local teen dance show similar to American Bandstand. Though their album was cut in two days over the course of two eight hour sessions, their arrangements shine through what was a scattered recording session. "We really worked hard in the studio even though we didn't have enough time to do all the things we wanted to do with music," bassist Robb Murphy remembers.

"We were pretty excited. We just had no experience with that sort of thing. We had heard things but never had any experience. We were really babes in the woods. It was a terrific experience looking back on it. It was really a hell of a lot of fun, we loved the idea of being able to overdub even though we didn't get to do too much of that, it was still fun. That was pretty high tech in those days, being able to lay down a couple of tracks with your voice." guitarist Mike Barnes recalls.

Similar to the Bosstown sound (Orpheus, Ultimate Spinach), Tiffany Shade lean towards harmony-driven vocals that combine their clever pop sensibilities with a versatile showcase of keys, organ, and scintillescent guitars. After their album's release in ‘68, they had the opportunity to open for Big Brother & Holding Co., but because of poor sales (and like many Mainstream artists) the band didn't last and went their separate ways in ‘69.


Side A
1. Would You Take My Mind Out for a Walk
2. An Older Man
3. Sam
4. Jaguar City Blues
5. Very Grand Love

Side B
1. Softly to Me
2. No Reality
3. One Good Question
4. A Quiet Revolution
5. Not Worth the Pain

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