Magic Sam - West Side Soul

 (Reel To Reel - Half Track)





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1/4 Inch - 15 IPS Tape

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15 ips, 1/4-inch tape edition

Sourced from the original master master tapes

Available on reel-to-reel for the first time!

One of the greatest electric blues albums of all time! Guitarist/vocalist Magic Sam is joined by fellow guitarist Mighty Joe Young for blistering blues and soul influenced tunes. Sam's singing and playing have their roots deeply implanted in the Mississippi soil of his youth as well as in the traumatic everyday life of the raw West Side.

But like all good blues and all great art, he reaches far beyond his ethnic origins and his everyday experiences and speaks for us all. That is why you will like this album regardless of your previous taste if you are reasonably "aware," "hip," "turned-on" or whatever your generation's slang may be for being in touch with humanity and life. Five stars from Downbeat!

To create the production master for this product the original analog master tapes were played on an optimized Otari MTR10 and copied to a newly refurbished Ampex ATR 102 using RMGI SM-900 tape stock. Subsequent copies were made on more Otari MTR10s using SM-911 tape stock. Copies are available for purchase in half-track format recorded at 15 ips (IEC) on two 10-inch reels housed in two cardboard boxes with UV-coated cover art and liner information, then inside a cardboard slipcase.



That's All I Need
I Need You So Bad
I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie)
All Of Your Love
I Don't Want No Woman
Sweet Home Chicago
I Found A New Love
Every Night And Every Day
Lookin' Good (Instrumental)
My Love Will Never Die
Mama, Mama - Talk To Your Daughter

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