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1/4 Inch - 15 IPS Tape

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Analogue Productions Ultra Tape reel-to-reel reissues!

Each title a 15 ips, ¼-inch 2-track (½ track) analog tape copy

Sourced from original master tapes

Transferred using ATR-modified Ampex Tape Machine with flux magnetic heads

Custom slipcase cover — highest quality tape reissue!

A.B. Spellman, former administrator for the National Endowment for the Arts, once described Ballads as "some of the most sensitive, heartfelt music that any lover ever sang on a horn." Put simply, most guys don't play the saxophone like John Coltrane.

And even the finest-sounding LPs can't match the fidelity and sonic detail captured by a master tape. Here, with our Ultra Tape 15 ips 1/4-inch analog tape copy, the music sounds its purest and most vital. The tape playback brings crystal clear fidelity to the highest and lowest freqency ranges.

The intense passionate Coltrane interpretation of standards such as "All Or Nothing At All," "What's New," "It's Easy To Remember" and the Sinatra classic "Nancy (With The Laughing Face)" are the essence of Ballads. When asked why attempt such an undertaking, Coltrane replied "Variety."

While it may have been a short detour by Trane before he exploded off into the nether regions of jazz music a few years later, it is still a fantastic document of one of the premier jazz groups of the 1960s.

Recorded December 21, 1961 and September 18 & November 13, 1962 at Rudy Van Gelder Studios.

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Reel 1
1. Say It (Over and Over Again)
2. You Don't Know What Love Is
3. Too Young To Go Steady
4. All Or Nothing At All

Reel 2
1. I Wish I Knew
2. What's New?
3. It's Easy To Remember
4. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)

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Don’t Wait until it’s gone

posted on 04/23/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tom Caselli

Ballads is the album where Coltrane reins in his “sheets of sound” and plays in a more melodic style. Previously, this was low on my Coltrane list until I heard this tape. While AP’s recent vinyl reissue was stellar, this tape moves it up several levels. If you have seen the movie Vanilla Sky where Coltrane appears as a Hologram at a party, well this is a hologram for your ears. This puts you in the studio. Don’t miss out grab it now.

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