Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 2009-2018

 (9 LP Box Set + 5 Art Prints)


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Mark Knopfler The Studio Albums 2009-2018 (9 LP Box Set)

180-gram black vinyl in rigid slipcase

Includes five embossed art prints of each of the covers

Dire Strait's frontman collection includes studio B-sides, bonus tracks and unreleased songs!

The Studio Albums 2009-2018 is a collection of Mark Knopfler studio albums, plus a collection of studio B-sides, bonus tracks and two previously unreleased songs — "Back In The Day" and "Precious Voice From Heaven." Audio overseen by original mastering engineer Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, with vinyl cut by Bernie Grundman. A 9LP collection pressed on 180-gram black vinyl and housed in a rigid outer slipcase. Includes five embossed art prints of each of the covers.

Get Lucky
Side One:
1. Border Reiver
2. Hard Shoulder
3. You Can't Beat the House
4. Before Gas and TV
Side Two:
1. Monteleone
2. Cleaning My Gun
3. The Car Was the One
4. Remembrance Day
Side Three:
1. Get Lucky
2. So Far from the Clyde
3. Piper to the End
Side Four: Even Luckier - Extra Tracks
1. Early Bird
2. Time in the Sun
3. Pulling Down the Ride
4. Home Boy
5. Good as Gold

Side One:
1. Redbud Tree
2. Haul Away
3. Don't Forget Your Hat
4. Privateering
5. Miss You Blues
Side Two:
1. Corned Beef City
2. Go, Love
3. Hot or What
4. Yon Two Crows
5. Seattle
Side Three:
1. Kingdom of Gold
2. Got to Have Something
3. Radio City Serenade
4. I Used to Could
5. Gator Blood
Side Four:
1. Bluebird
2. Dream of the Drowned Submariner
3. Blood and Water
4. Today Is Okay
5. After the Beanstalk

Side One:
1. Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes
2. Basil
3. River Towns
4. Skydiver
Side Two:
1. Mighty Man
2. Broken Bones
3. Long Cool Girl
Side Three:
1. Lights of Taormina
2. Silver Eagle
3. Beryl
4. Wherever I Go
Side Four:
1. .38 Special
2. My Heart Has Never Changed
3. Terminal of Tribute To
4. Heart of Oak
5. Time Will End All Sorrow
6. Oklahoma Ponies

Down the Road Wherever
Side One:
1. Trapper Man
2. Back on the Dance Floor
3. Nobody's Child
4. Nobody Does That
Side Two:
1. Good on You Son
2. Floating Away
3. One Song at a Time
4. Heavy Up
Side Three:
1. Slow Learner
2. Just a Boy Away from Home
3. My Bacon Roll
4. When You Leave
Side Four:
1. Matchstick Man
2. Drovers' Road
3. Every Heart in the Room
4. Don't Suck Me In
5. Sky and Water

Back in the Day: The Bonus Tracks 2009-2018
Side One:
1. Occupation Blues
2. River of Grog
3. Follow the Ribbon
4. Your Perfect Song
Side Two:
1. Precious Voice from Heaven - Previously Unreleased
2. Back in the Day - Previously Unreleased
3. Rear View Mirror
4. Pale Imitation

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