My Morning Jacket - Okonokos

 (Deluxe Edition 4 Record Live Album on Colored Vinyl)


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Deluxe Edition 4LP colored vinyl reissue

Deluxe reissue of Okonokos — the classic, fan-favorite 2006 live album recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Packaged in a hardbound LP jacket with two bonus tracks, "Bermuda Highway," and "How Do You Know." Each of the four LPs are pressed on their own unique color.

"The sheer musicianship that My Morning Jacket put on display on this intense, diverse, and focused live show is rather astonishing. Sure, they know how to 'jam' and could have blown the doors off most of the bands in that genre had they been dumb enough to go down that path. ... They have the indie rock mantle prominently displayed but are as tight as U2 -- and, no, they don't sound like them. In fact, as the evidence here clearly displays, My Morning Jacket sound like no one but themselves.... Okonokos is one of the best live recordings of the 2000s." — AllMusic

- SIDE 1 -
1. Wordless Chorus [Live]
2. It Beats for You [Live]
3. Gideon [Live]
4. One Big Holiday [Live]

- SIDE 2 -
1. I Will Sing You Songs [Live]
2. Lowdown [Live]
3. The Way That He Sings [Live]

- SIDE 3 -
1. At Dawn [Live]
2. Golden [Live]
3. What a Wonderful Man [Live]
4. Off the Record [Live]

- SIDE 4 -
1. Laylow [Live]
2. Dondante [Live]

- SIDE 5 -
1. Run Thru [Live]
2. Xmas Curtain [Live]
3. O Is the One That Is Real [Live]

- SIDE 6 -
1. Steam Engine [Live]
2. Dancefloors [Live]

- SIDE 7 -
1. Where to Begin [Live]
2. Sooner [Live]
3. Strangulation [Live]

- SIDE 8 -
1. I Think I'm Going to Hell [Live]
2. Anytime [Live]
3. Mahgeetah [Live]
4. How Do You Know
5. Bermuda Highway

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