Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

 (33 1/3 RPM Clarity Vinyl)

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue


Analogue Productions



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UHQR Vinyl Record

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Miles Davis Kind of Blue meets Analogue Productions' UHQR, the pinnacle of high-quality vinyl!

Definitive handmade limited run reissue Ultra High Quality Record!

33 1/3 RPM LP release limited to 25,000 copies

Best-selling album in jazz history; mastered directly from the original 3-Track master tapes by Bernie Grundman

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings using Clarity Vinyl® on a manual Finebilt press

Purest possible pressing and most visually stunning presentation and packaging!

Dream team of Davis, Adderley, Coltrane, Evans, Kelly, Chambers, Cobb make history

"...this one is speed-corrected, so you can think of it as the one to own. ... the booklet that accompanies this edition is so comprehensive that, should you have the patience, you might want to read it from cover to cover before letting your stylus settle into the groove. It just might prepare you for what you are about to hear, which is — to my ears — so far above reproach that it has joined a minuscule list of albums I would have to classify as 'perfect.'" — Ken Kessler, The Vinyl Adventure. Read Kessler's entire review here.

"You really do feel like you're in the recording studio with the band; the realism of the room is that stark. I've heard the UHQR called the "apex release," and can confirm this to be true. It is, simply put, a stunning record." — Eric Pye, Read Pye's entire review here.

"The result (drum rolls) is the best-sounding Kind of Blue ever, superior in every way to all previous pressings, including the original. The pressing is superquiet, allowing the slightest of details to pop out from the black backdrop. Cobb's drumkit is spooky real. I've heard this album, in one version or another, hundreds of times, and there are fine touches in Cobb's snare swooshes and cymbal taps — accents on accents, rhythms within rhythms — that I've never heard before. Chamber's bass lines are stunningly clear: the notes he's playing, the pluck of the strings, the glow of the wood. There are also new layers of detail in Miles' mouthpiece manipulations, Evans's pedal work, and the sheer beauty of Coltrane's and Adderley's saxophones. ... the chase is eternal. This reissue holds the brass ring, for now." — Fred Kaplan, Stereophile, August 2021

"Quite clearly and obviously this new UHQR Kind of Blue sourced from Bernie Grundman's (1997) 'live' mix from the 3-track master, directly to lacquer sounds best compared to two early '6-Eyes,' Classic's own double 180g set and that label's single-sided 45rpm set, and Mobile Fidelity's double 45 boxed edition, to which I compared the UHQR.

"Even the quietest original pressing creates a pleasing romantic blur over a soft bed of noise but compared to this issue the overall picture is distant and hazy (though the romanticized version still pulls). The UHQR offers the blackest, quietest backgrounds and unparalleled transparency, but more critically, the modified Finebuilt hand press produces unprecedented transient precision and instrumental focus and resolves low level details that will deliver surprises to even the most blasé KOB veteran, one of whom visited and exclaimed 'I've never heard that before.' This pressing allows you to see further into the mix and transports you back in time and into the 30th Street studios. I don't care what version you now have you've never heard Kind of Blue quite like this." — Music = 11/11; Sound = 11/11 Michael Fremer,, May 17, 2021. Read the whole review here.

"Until now The Classic Records Clarity Vinyl Flat Profile version of Kind of Blue was the closest to the sound on the three track session master from which it was cut. The Analogue Productions UHQR pressing from the same metal parts has taken it up a notch and gotten us even closer to the sound on those 1/2" analog session master tapes! Buy two so you have one for a backup or to give someone the gift of music!" — Michael Hobson, founder of Classic Records

Legends have a way of sticking around. If there was ever an album awaiting a high-fidelity, custom-pressed vinyl treatment of the level you now hold in your hands, it is Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. The top-selling jazz album of all time, it has been lauded, entered into "Best Of" lists and Halls of Fame, and universally acknowledged as a landmark recording — a five-track masterpiece of melancholy mood and melody.

It continues to be one of the most listened-to and studied recordings of all time, a required primer for many young musicians, and one of the most transcendent pieces of music ever recorded. Davis played trumpet sublime with his ensemble sextet featuring pianist Bill Evans, drummer Jimmy Cobb, bassist Paul Chambers, and saxophonists John Coltrane and Julian "Cannonball" Adderley with Wynton Kelly playing piano on "Freddy the Freeloader."

Now Analogue Productions, the audiophile in-house reissue label of Acoustic Sounds, Inc., together with Quality Record Pressings, is putting Kind of Blue where it belongs: the Ultra High Quality Record (UHQR) pressed on Clarity Vinyl on a manual Finebilt press with attention paid to every single detail of every single record.

The 200-gram records will feature the same flat profile that helped to make the original UHQR so desirable. From the lead-in groove to the run-out groove, there is no pitch to the profile, allowing the customer's stylus to play truly perpendicular to the grooves from edge to center. Clarity Vinyl allows for the purest possible pressing and the most visually stunning presentation. Every UHQR will be hand inspected upon pressing completion, and only the truly flawless will be allowed to go to market. Each UHQR will be packaged in a deluxe box and will include a booklet detailing the entire process of making a UHQR along with a hand-signed certificate of inspection. This will be a truly deluxe, collectible product.

Kind of Blue is more than Miles Davis's most enduring recording, it's a testament to Miles' experimental approach, drastically simplifying modern jazz by returning to melody unlike the chord complexity more often heard at the time. "The music has gotten thick," Davis complained in a 1958 interview for The Jazz Review. "... There will be fewer chords but infinite possibilities as to what to do with them." Kind of Blue is, in a sense, all melody — and atmosphere.

None of the musicians had played any of the tunes before heading into the first of two recording sessions in early spring of 1959. In fact Miles had written out the settings for most of them only a few hours before the session. Miles also stuck to his old recording procedure of having virtually no rehearsal and only one take for each tune.

Miles remained proud of the album, performing at least two of its tracks — "So What" and "All Blues" — for years after, until his musical path took him in a different direction.

History was on the side of Kind of Blue; it was born in 1959, at the peak of the golden age of high-fidelity, featuring innovations in studio equipment (magnetic tape, high-quality condenser microphones), matched by advancements in home audio reproduction (long-player records — LPs; high-end turntables, and other stereo components). Kind of Blue also benefited from Miles' being signed to the leading major record company of the day — Columbia Records, a part of the CBS media conglomerate. Columbia had the means and wisdom to invest in cutting edge recording technology, and their own professional recording studio.

A minor audio complication with Kind of Blue has been addressed with this UHQR edition. The motor on the studio's 3-track master recorder was running slowly the day of the album's first session. This speed issue affected the album's first three tracks, "So What," "Freddie Freeloader" and "Blue in Green," making them a barely perceptible quarter-tone sharp.This issue was finally addressed with the Classic Records reissue in 1995. This UHQR was pressed from the same parts that Bernie Grundman cut directly from the original 3-track masters for Classic in '95.

Sixty years have passed; this LP bridges that time span in the best way possible, struck from the master reel of Kind of Blue, free of speed issues and replete with all the instrumental detail, sonic environment and minimal noise. As we set out to make our UHQR series the world's best-sounding vinyl records, we have also used Clarity Vinyl, which is free of any carbon black pigment which might introduce surface noise. All-in-all this edition of Kind of Blue meets the highest audiophile standards and offers the truest sound for the most enjoyment.



Ratings from Michael Fremer @

Side A
1. So What
2. Freddie Freeloader
3. Blue In Green

Side B
1. All Blues
2. Flamenco Sketches

Customer Reviews (4.92 Stars) 36 person(s) rated this product.

mixed review

posted on 02/16/2022
4 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
I was thrilled that this was coming out. I bought 4 copies from different sources. The one I opened had tons of pops and surface noise... I was stunned. I can only hope the other copies I got later down the road are better. Right now my FLAC copy is my favorite. I cleaned my playing copy twice but no improvement. Hope yours is better.

Absolutely Gorgeous

posted on 01/03/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joe
The sound of this release is absolutely immaculate! The closest thing to actually being in the recording studio that we are likely to ever get. I had to do a few double takes to make sure my speakers were still there! Beautiful sound, gorgeous packaging. The ULTIMATE Kind Of Blue experience. Buy it immediately. This is going to go down in history as a legendary release. Well done Chad and team!


posted on 12/17/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Analogue October Records
My name is Craig and I own Analogue October Records here in the UK.

We finally received our copies of Kind of blue from the UK distributor, and upon listening to my copy, I had to reach out to say hello and thanks.

Like Sonic Flare, I have purchased this title MANY times over the years. From early 80’s reissues as a teen, through CD, SACD and MOFI. But the UHQR is the apex release that ends them all. It’s by far the most enjoyable, revealing presentation I have heard. My DS audio cart just revelled in it all.

So, top notch release, pressing and presentation. I’m sure many listeners have reached out in a similar fashion. Typically, I never reach out to anyone unless it’s to complain. But the UHQR is an exception to that rule. BRILLIANT.

Superb sound. Mostly great packaging.

posted on 12/05/2021
5 Stars
This disc is amazing, even on my modest system. I've mostly listened to Kind of Blue on CD for many years. Playing this LP was like listening to it for the first time.

This was an expensive item for me and I appreciate the quality packaging to keep it safe. I'd appreciate a bit of Velcro or something to keep the inner box from sliding out when I need to move it around.

Cover spared

posted on 12/03/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Paulo
Well, I think that everything has already been said and talked about the audio quality, however, I want to commend QUALITY's initiative, for leaving the record on the outside of the beautiful cover, thus maintaining the integrity of the cover during long periods of travel, congratulations to the thinkers !!!

Kind of...Blown Away

posted on 11/18/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
No real music lover or collector of recordings should be without this UHQR pressing. No hesitation needed. Just order the record and enjoy a masterpiece.


posted on 11/04/2021
5 Stars
Its no mystery why this is the best selling Jazz LP in history. This release is a fitting tribute. A must have for any serious vinyl collector.

Absolutely stunning in all aspects. Must own edition.

posted on 11/04/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Don Stone
I don't spend much time writing reviews, but I was so impress with this record I felt like jotting down a few words. First off the packaging is very cool and classy. It provides great protection and has nice look. As far as the record goes, not only is it a legendary album, the sound is legendary. So clean, so crisp, very detailed and simply fills the room. Nothing is better than a record that fills the room and gives a live performance feel. Many old records deliver this, many repressed do not. This is a homerun in my opinion.

Surface noise on Blue in Green

posted on 09/21/2021
4 Stars
Reviewer: Noel C.
My first and very likely my last UHQR. The sound on all other tracks are great but my copy has a lot of surface noise on Blue in Green. I washed it and still the same thing. From all the hype on this pressing, I expected perfection and I guess I only got 80% of my expectations. For comparison, Blue in Green on my mofi pressing is dead silent. I'm keeping this because I'm too lazy to go through the return process but never again I am buying into the UHQR hype. The presentation is also wasteful. I care about the record and the record only. I don't need all these fancy box that UHQR does (and yes MOFI too.) A nice gatefold would have suffice.

A Sonic Masterpiece

posted on 09/17/2021
4 Stars
Reviewer: Dan Swan
Having purchased both the Hendrix & Tull UHQR’s, Kind Of Blue was a no brainer. Those first two were brilliant on every level and I expected nothing less with this Miles Davis masterpiece. Unfortunately my first copy had a defect and I had to request a replacement disc. I always clean my new records before playing them as was recommended by the great folks at Acoustic Sounds. My replacement disc is certainly better than my first one but still has some very minor surface noise. I’m hoping they will play out as I don’t wish to go through the return process again.

The sound quality of this release is beyond any other copy ever released, and I can’t add anything else that hasn’t already been said by the previous reviewers. I wanted the pressing to be perfection like the first two UHQR’s, but unfortunately perfection isn’t always attainable, hence the four stars. I can’t wait to see what the next UHQR title will be, but count me in.


posted on 09/05/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: WG
Really happy with this UHQR (number 7700) and surprised it is clearly better than both my Classic 33 and 45! Just sounds beautiful and alive! Well done Chad and Co.!


posted on 08/28/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brent
I own many versions of this album. Simply breathtaking from the beginning to the end. The biggest “wow” factor is the dead silent noise floor of the vinyl. You will never see a better sounding version of KOB out there….not even close to this one. Can’t wait for Chad and the folks at AP to put out the 45rpm version of this album in the future. This 33rpm version is already a top 5 in my collection! Well done AP! Keep the UHQR releases coming!

kind of blue uhqr?

posted on 08/18/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: BOB
I have always been honest with my reviews no matter who it pisses off,i have bashed MFSL ,IMPEX,Cisco,Abbey Half speed master, Does not matter if they put out an inferior product, i shout it from the rooftops, So when i finally got my copy of KOB UHQR and put it on my turntable for listening ,i was dumbfounded this record threw me out of my seat and in to the freaking 30thstreet studios in 1958, i was there!! im tellin ya this is the best version i own and i have a 6 eye mono /stereoUS UK and JPN,, i also have the MFSL 45rpm(which is Horrible) i have the classic 45 among others , but i could not believe how much better this uhqr was, i mean what did they do? create a time machine and go back and cut direct to disk? that is how good this uhqr sounds!!!! buy it while they last,,,this ones a winner

Must Have!!

posted on 07/31/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Many Moons Audio
So communicative and the intent really shines through. An amazing listen!

Must have

posted on 07/24/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Arthur
No need to comment on the music, obviously a master work. The recording? The sound of the 'room' is amazing, the balance of the instruments and breadth of the performance is tangible. Nothing is exaggerated.

Gets better every time I play it. $ well spent.

No need for hyperbole!

posted on 07/24/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gordon Johnson
Everything needed to be said in a short review has been said already; see Fred Kaplan’s comment above. Personally I never heard this record sound so good, it is testament to Bernie Grundman. The combination of Clarity vinyl and the flat profile brings this recording closer to the listener. There is little if any need to for an A/B comparison as it is that good it easily manages to stand up all by itself. If there are any issues, they sit with the physical pressing as mine has some none fill. Still this attains five stars though six would be more accurate but then we would be getting into hyperbole territory. The presence of this record engages the listener from the first to last note.

Great clarity, Great sound, Great music!

posted on 07/06/2021
5 Stars
I have the Classic Records version which I thought was a great pressing, this AP UHQR version blows it out of the water! The clarity is stunning! Wide soundstage and deep imaging! Most of the static sound at the beginning of the Classic version is absent. The only glaring omission by AP are pics of bassist, Paul Chambers, and drummer, the recently deceased Jimmy Cobb (May 2020), the last remaining member of the 1st great Miles Davis septet (though he sat in only for FF, Wynton Kelly is also missing). Not sure how you guys missed that one, but Paul, Jimmy, & Wynton, we appreciate your contributions to make this arguably the best jazz album!

The best version available today!

posted on 07/02/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Damon
Listening to my UHQR Kind of Blue for the third time since I got it! Man I just have to thank you for this, deathly silent and perfect mastering. Keep doing what you’re doing Chad! Keeping the vinyl dream alive!


posted on 06/26/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: J. Kelly
This recording is superb! Sounds like it was recently recorded rather than 60 years ago. Simple an A++++++. There are some other albums I can think of for the UHQR treatment. "Dark Side of the Moon" "Close to the Edge" "Eat a Peach" for starters.

Holy cow

posted on 06/22/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: John P.
I'm speechless. I want more UHQRs from Analogue Productions please.

Yeah it's pretty good, alright ;-)

posted on 06/21/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Oswaldo Martinez

Add me to the chorus

posted on 06/17/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bergs
I have a 60's stereo press, MOV's mono press, the 45th anniversary box, MoFi's 45 RPM. This absolutely destroys them all. DESTROYS THEM.

My only complaint is the big ol' box is kinda annoying. I just put the LP on my shelf in a sleeve without it.

But seriously, folks..this pressing is the absolute gold standard (that I've heard) KoB release. Buy it.


posted on 06/08/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Terry Farmer
A must have! I have the MOFI 45rpm and I honestly think this one blows it away. Kudos to all involved in putting this masterpiece together!!

Outstanding sound and quality, ditch the box

posted on 06/08/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: MPLS mark
Outstanding sound, which I can really appreciate with my headphones on. This will be played much more than my MoFi 45rpm version though flip between the two when feeling nerdy.

Only complaint is the packaging; the gatefold is beautiful and more than enough, which makes the box unnecessary. The box is not wide enough to store the gatefold without putting too much pressure on the left and right sides of the cover! I'm storing the vinyl inside the gatefold without the box, it fits in my collection so much better than the box, which will be put in storage.

Sublime. The best jazz album just got the best pressing.

posted on 06/07/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: ShockTop
My first UHQR and of my favorite album of all time. The Clarity Vinyl lives up to the hype. Exquisite pressing. Beats the MoFi 45RPM in my opinion. Now, I want to hear what the 45PM UHQR will yield. Amazing job to everyone involved. Thanks for creating this masterpiece!

The best UHQR so far. Trumpet is to die for.

posted on 06/07/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Hemant Ishwaran
This totally (and I say totally) blew the doors off my MOFI 45. Miles trumpet sounds so sweet oh my god it really is something you have to hear. I also would say this is by far the best of the three UHQR's I own and perhaps this is the best album I own to date.

Best Sound in Our Universe

posted on 06/07/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Horacio Jervis
Hi Chad,

The sound of Coltrane’s sax, during Flamenco Sketches, on the new UHQR is absolutely the best sound in our universe.

To quote one of Mile’s favorite terms of endearment, this pressing is a “motherfucker”, or another very famous quote, “if I want to knock someone’s dick in the dirt, I’ll play them this” (Chad).


Horacio Jervis


posted on 09/27/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: DCBRN
I have the final copy of KOB I will ever need. Fuzzy areas have been eliminated. The soundstage is considerable, background is undisturbed by surface noise, there is more intimacy with the music. This quality of record and music is why I enjoy the hobby of audio. Above all, it is romantic and involving.


posted on 06/06/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steven Wolochowicz
I have other versions of this wonderful recording and this version beats them all. The sound is crystal clear, the volume of each instrument perfectly matched with just the right amount of separation between the instruments so that you believe you are listening to a live performance in your home. The sound quality is more like that of a tape than a vinyl record. CK & company hit it out of the park with this one. I couldn't be more pleased.

Kind of Awesome

posted on 06/05/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Anthony
How much better could the upcoming UHQR 45 version be? I'll probably get one when it comes out but in the meantime I'm more than happy with this one and just ordered a second copy.

The Best KOB Yet

posted on 08/24/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian VanPelt
I have multiple versions of this album - all stereo. This is now the 2nd best version I have. The best version is still the 2007 SACD.

The music is dynamic and the vinyl is cut loudly. Each instrument was easily identifiable, as were their exact locations.

The drums stuck loudly near the end of So What in a way that I had not heard before. During Freddie Freeloader, I noticed a little echo in the sax on the left, and I never noticed that before. Every instrument sounded natural, and imaging was rock solid. However, once again let me mention the SACD from 2007 (SRGS 4501) as better sounding overall.

During So What and All Blues, I heard the breathy saxes sound nicer than I have before. Generally, the tone of those saxes is anathema to me, but here it seems that they have changed timbre just slightly, and now I don't mind them. Also in All Blues, you can hear the details on everything the drummer does.

For some reason, Blue on Green has excessive surface noise.

Amazing sound quality….but..

posted on 06/01/2021
5 Stars
I’m sure others will analyze the sound quality of this version of “Kind Of Blue” many times, so I’ll skip that. But I will say that it sounds THERE. When Coltrane entered on “Freddie…” I nearly fell out of my listening seat!

I previously purchased the Classic Records 2 LP version. After listening to this new Analogue Productions UHQR version I read some of its technical notes, and it states that “this new UHQR Kind of Blue (is) sourced from Bernie Grundman's (1997) 'live' mix from the 3-track master, directly to lacquer…”. Wait. You mean I paid $100 for a record that was already mastered? Isn’t that mastering a major (an expensive) step in the process? Hasn’t the mastering technology improved since 1997? Should this LP have been newly remastered? Shouldn’t the price be lower than $100 because this step has already been done? I’m not “complaining”. It’s a wonderful record!!... But it just seems odd that an ancient master was used for this “perfectionist” pressing.

Acoustics Sounds is Amazing.

posted on 06/01/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: JAMES WARD
Wow !!! Chad and his team of professionals set the bar high with this release. The top notch packaging is a work of art all on its own. The sound of this recording is far ahead of any done previously. Its obvious that Quality is a continuous goal at Acoustics Sounds. This is a Must have for any collection. As Chad would say, "Buy now or cry later."

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