Steely Dan - Can't Buy A Thrill

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Can't Buy A Thrill — Steely Dan's platinum-selling debut studio album now on UHQR!

Definitive reissue Ultra High Quality Record, the pinnacle of high-quality vinyl!

45 RPM LP release limited to 20,000 numbered copies

Mastered directly from the original master tape by Bernie Grundman

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings using 200-gram Clarity Vinyl®

Purest possible pressing and most visually stunning presentation and packaging!

Tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination by Stoughton Printing

"The packaging is stunning; I love the big, beefy box. Others don't. Inside the box is a Tip-on gatefold double pocket jacket with film lamination by Stoughton Printing. It's pretty glorious. ... The remastering, the high pressing/plating standards, and the quality control at every step have produced a magnificent vinyl release. ... this Bernie Grundman (remaster) is very special. If you have a clean original or are happy with the Speakers Corner pressing, you could probably spend your $150 elsewhere. But if you do invest, you wont' be sorry. ... I love the sound of this 45. Very highly recommended." — Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia, May 2023. Read the entire review here.

"... this edition of Steely Dan's debut delivers incomparably superior sound and pressings so perfect you'd wish all LPs were stamped on Clarity V2 vinyl. Side-by-side, you hear instantly why UHQR is something to which to aspire — the sax break in 'DirtyWork' left me speechless. And Analogue Productions' slipcase? The acme of LP sleeves." — hi-fi news (U.K.), May 2023

"This could be the best vinyl record I've ever heard. ... This is a science project. Got to give Analogue Productions kudos, they include a lengthy description of their process in the package. It's very convincing. ... But really, it all comes down to the sound. And how does it sound? AMAZING! ... This is rarefied air. Not only is this a classic album, that has stood the test of time, this is not the vinyl you see in your clothing store, not even in your record store. As expensive as that might be, as much TLC might be involved, more in the old days, this UHQR reproduction is a huge leap beyond that. It's more akin to listening to your favorite albums on CD when that format came upon the market. Suddenly the sound was clear. But warm it was not. However vinyl always was, and this version of "Can't Buy a Thrill" most certainly is. Ultimately, it's a personal experience. If you have a turntable, if you have enough power to turn it up as loud as you want without distortion, you can buy this album and be mesmerized. Truly, you will be." — Bob Lefsetz, Read the entire review here.

"Happily, for this, my first UHQR experience, it feels super-solid. Musically, Can't Buy A Thrill feels more three-dimensional on this UHQR edition than on other versions I've heard. Overall, the sound is super-clear and crisp, but ultimately presents the music more warmly than the standard 180g 1LP edition does. When you compare them side by side, you start noticing the differences between the UHQR and the standard edition — the sizzling cymbals aren't quite as sizzly on the standard version, for one thing, and, comparatively, the vocals take on a bit of that raw edge around them. Plus, the congas feel less natural-sounding on the standard edition. ... Can't wait to see, and hear, what comes next — but for now, the 200g 2LP Can't Buy A Thrill serves as one of the best listening experiences you'll have this year." — Music = 8/11; Sound = 9/11 - Mark Smotroff, To read Smotroff's full review, click here.

"(Clarity Vinyl) is a very quiet formulation .... This means you can really crank up the UHQR. In fact, to really enjoy it, you must. When you do, the music will come to life on top, the midrange will bloom with detail and the bottom will be firm, deep and satisfying. Vocal clarity and 'body' benefit greatly from Grundman's mastering, yet Victor Feldman's percussive accents remain sharp, clean and present." — Music = 9/11; Sound = 9/11 - Michael Fremer, To read Fremer's full review, click here.

Steely Dan's platinum-selling debut studio album Can't Buy A Thrill, released in November 1972, was a commercial success, peaking at No. 17 on the Billboard chart. It later appeared on many professional listings of the greatest albums, including Colin Larkin's All Time Top 1000 Albums (2000) and Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" (2003)

The album features a unique blend of rock, jazz and pop, with intricate musical arrangements and throught-provoking lyrics. The album was written by band members Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, recorded in August 1972 at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, and produced by Gary Katz. Its music features tight song structure and sounds from soft rock, folk rock, and pop. Two songs recorded during the Can't Buy A Thrill sessions were left off the album and released as a single: "Dallas" b/w "Sail the Waterway." This is the only Steely Dan album to include David Palmer as a lead vocalist, having been recruited after Donald Fagen expressed concerns over singing live. Drummer Jim Hodder also chips in lead vocals on one song, "Midnite Cruiser" (sometimes spelled "Midnight Cruiser"), as well as singing the "Dallas" single. By the time recording of the next album began, the band and producer Gary Katz had convinced Fagen to assume the full lead vocalist role.

The album opens with "Do It Again," a hit single that showcases the band's signature sound with its driving rhythms, layered guitar riffs, and catchy chorus. Other standout tracks include "Dirty Work," a soulful ballad with a memorable saxophone solo, and "Reelin' In The Years," a guitar-driven rocker that's become one of the band's most beloved songs.

Throughout the album, the lyrics touch on a range of themes, from the struggles of urban life in "Kings" and "Midnite Cruiser," to the complexities of love and relationships in "Only a Fool Would Say That" and "Brooklyn." The album also features the hit single "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again," a catchy tune with a darker edge that hints at the band's later explorations of darker subject matter.

AllMusic gave the album 4.5 stars, with reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine praising the core duo Walter Becker and Donald Fagen as "remarkable craftsmen." Erlewine noted that "there are very few of the jazz flourishes that came to distinguish their (later) albums", but added that the first single from the album, "Do It Again," incorporates a tight Latin jazz beat, while the second single, "Reelin' In the Years," features jazzy guitar solos and harmonies.

Rolling Stone, in its review, said the debut album was a collection of some of the group's best jazz/rock songs.

"Two of Fagen's four (vocal solo) songs were the singles, ‘Do It Again' and ‘Reelin' In The Years,' the later starting off (and continues throughout) with a ripping solo by session player, Elliot Randall, and in fact, was rated by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page as his favourite guitar solo of all time. That's quite an endorsement. The song peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Charts. ‘Do It Again' charted at No. 6, making it their second highest chart for a single. ‘Dirty Work,' another great song from the record features Palmer. The album is tight, with some of the best musicianship money can buy." — Rolling Stone

The album cover features a photomontage by Robert Lockart that includes an image of a line of prostitutes, standing in a red-light area from Rouen in France waiting for clients. The image was chosen because of its relevance to the album title. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen themselves commented on the album art in their liner notes to the reissued The Royal Scam, saying that The Royal Scam album possessed "the most hideous album cover of the seventies, bar none (excepting perhaps Can't Buy A Thrill)." The cover was banned in Francisco Franco's Spain and was replaced with a photograph of the band playing in concert.

After a brief battle with esophageal cancer, Walter Becker died on September 3, 2017 at the age of 67. Steely Dan has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2001. VH1 ranked Steely Dan at No. 82 on their list of the 100 Greatest Musical Artists of All Time. Rolling Stone ranked them No. 15 on its list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time.

This stereo UHQR reissue will be limited to 20,000 copies, with gold foil individually numbered jackets, housed in a premium slipcase with a wooden dowel spine.

Overall, Can't Buy a Thrill is a masterful debut album that showcases Steely Dan's distinctive sound and sets the stage for their later success as one of the most influential bands of the 1970s.



Ratings from Michael Fremer @ Tracking Angle


1. Do It Again
2. Dirty Work
3. Kings
4. Midnite Cruiser
5. Only A Fool Would Say That
6. Reelin' In The Years
7. Fire In The Hole
8. Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
9. Change Of The Guard
10. Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

Customer Reviews (4.89 Stars) 28 person(s) rated this product.

Who Said You Can't Buy A Thrill!

posted on 10/31/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: JT
Delicious From Drop To Lift


posted on 09/12/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bobby
This is the second UHQR I've ordered (first one Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced) and as with the first one it's perfect. I remember when this album first came out I was 16 and it brings back a flood of memories. Everything is first class, from the packaging to the recording itself. Vinyl is clean, like listening to a digital recording but with the analog sound. If your a Steely Dan fan do not hesitate to get this one you will not be disappointed. I'm now patiently waiting for my Aja UHQR I pre-ordered which is my favorite Steely Dan album, can't wait. Shout out to all at Acoustic Sounds, fabulous job!

stellar treatment - engaging musicality

posted on 09/08/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Audiotom
The first 2 Steely Dan UHQRs have become the definitive copies of these records. Even over stellar mint ABC first pressings - the detail, the tonality, the musicality. One thing that is very relevant is that the music just emanates from a black background with absolutely no tension - a real presence.

Best version of this album ever!

posted on 02/11/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: F.G.
I have never been one to like anything other than black vinyl. Picture discs, color vinyl, splatter vinyl and clear vinyl have always had way too much noise and too many pops for me. I have no idea what compelled me to take a chance on this record but oh boy was I blown away. To my ears, this album has never sounded better on any other format or any other vinyl release. And it was super quiet between songs.

And I cannot speak highly enough of customer service, here. I reported hearing pops on Change of the Guard. Even after cleaning it with a record cleaning machine, the pops persisted loudly and in the same spot for at least 4 revolutions. There were no obvious blemishes visible to the naked eye but the imperfections could certainly be heard.

I contacted customer service and, after providing proof that I destroyed the damaged record, they expedited a brand new replacement disc which sounded just as flawless as it should.

I highly recommend this record and this store.


posted on 12/26/2022
3 Stars

Don't Even Hesitate to Buy This

posted on 12/18/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Chris L.
I must admit I was hesitant to buy at the $150 price point even though I'm a big Steely Dan fan. But I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did. I will never look back. The sound on this record is MASSIVE. It's like you're buying a brand new record that you've never heard before. All the individual instruments and vocals are very clear and the soundstage is huge. A great purchase.

Best pressing of this album for sure

posted on 11/22/2022
4 Stars
Reviewer: Mikey
By far the best pressing of this album. I’ll leave it at that .

well balanced and smooth

posted on 11/14/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Duke758
This pressing is sonicaly balanced and smooth. unlike the OG pressing that is cut hot, this Bernie Grundman mastering is well balanced. The pressing is dynamic that you can hear layers and details. If I may add, its warm and the tone is pleasant.

A Killer Cut!

posted on 11/18/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: TJ Williams
Chad, Bernie and crew did a fabulous job on this pressing! I kind of had a hard time justifying the price at first, but now after having heard it, I've no regrets. If you're a hardcore Steely Dan fan that wants the ultimate, premium experience, then this is the ticket! It sounds absolutely incredible and I can not wait to hear the rest of the SD catalog on UHQR.


posted on 11/11/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: CD
I bought this record from Our Music in Staten Island 50 years ago. I have bought and have heard other copies. This version is perfect. I have never heard anything like this. I just paid $150 for something I paid $5 fifty years ago and I'm glad I did it .I know Jimmy Page is reading up and listening to how we all feel about this. I think that most of us can do the math .I'm ready.

Thank you to the team

posted on 11/11/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott S
As a Steely Dan fan for many many years this is an "essential" album. I agree that the price is high. But I would not say it's overpriced.

I am a listener, not a collector, and I now have the version of this album that will provide joy for the rest of my life. That's a pretty good bargain. (Should I mention that I got emotional while listening to it? I did.)

Thanks to everyone for putting in the effort to provide us with something that brings such enjoyment. Truly meaningful.

Yes, you can buy a thrill!

posted on 11/11/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gordon Johnson
As I’ve waited patiently for good solid reissues of the Dan catalogue I was delighted to hear the announcement that these legendary records are going into the UHQR line of issued titles. My wait was worth it judging by the first title issued in the run, Can’t Buy A Thrill. It’s a joy to play, just don’t forget to use the volume knob! This is why you have such a function on the amplifier, brilliantly mastered by Grundman [again], he brings the utmost out of this recording. Delivered on the flat profile Clarity vinyl at 45rpm, well it just is unlikely to get any better than this. Plus it’s AAA, just what the doctor ordered!

No comparison

posted on 11/11/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Derek Duncan
This is without a doubt the best pressing ever of Can’t Buy A Thrill. I love everything about the UHQR process and packaging . Worth every penny . This is my second behind the Miles Davis 45rpm. I can’t wait for the rest of the catalog. And to see where the future of UHQR is heading next.

Love This Record

posted on 11/18/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: DCBRN
In a perfect world, all records would sound this good.

Very quiet vinyl, full, rich sound. Deep bass, clean , magical midrange. Discrete sound without schmere, the listener can play ‘follow the instrument’ of their choice. Good job everyone. Thank you.

Highest quality pressing in the game!

posted on 11/10/2022
5 Stars

Reelin’ In Another awesome UHQR!

posted on 11/10/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brent R
Just played mine today. Perfectly flat and dead silent

pressing! Excellent sounding record. It absolutely

crushes my ABC original as well as my high res digital

file. The soundstage is massive on this record. Well

done Bernie and Chad!!! Keep ‘em coming!!

Home run

posted on 11/09/2022
5 Stars
Perfect pressing, and this record has never sounded better. Just astonishing improvement over the already good original. Great job, keep 'em coming!


posted on 11/09/2022
5 Stars
Really nice with good clarity and wide sound stage. I

just don’t think you can make this album sound any

better. However, $150 is really too much and I wish

acoustic sounds would consider reducing the price by

for instance cutting down on the packaging. We really

don’t need these over built boxes which take up so

much space. Don’t mean to sound critical, the work on

this is fantastic and is appreciated, just see if we can

get back to $100 please.

Best version and it's not even close

posted on 11/08/2022
5 Stars
This easily bests the original ABC, early MCA, and the Speakers Corner. Not even remotely close. This is the release we've been waiting for, and if the rest of the Steely Dan UHQRs are as good as this than this series will be some of AP's all time best works.

Terrific sounding record

posted on 11/08/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rick
I received my copy today and just finished the first play. Excellent sound and mixing, dead quiet background. It really exposes some of the fantastic instrumentation that was not as obvious on the original release. My discs were perfectly flat with no noted defects. I looked hard, and the only thing I could fault was the not-perfectly-centered labels. Well Done AP and QRP for just what I was hoping for!

Just Bought a Thrill!!!

posted on 11/08/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Korben
Is it expensive? Yep. Is it the best I've ever heard this album sound? Absolutely! If you LOVE Steely Dan...then this is a no brainer. Now I guess it's a countdown to ecstasy =)

As Good As It Gets

posted on 11/08/2022
5 Stars
Received the album yesterday…what a treat. Great

packaging, great handling of the artists’ music by

Analogue Productions. This album never sounded

better. You need to buy this one. Can hardly wait for

the rest of the Steely Dan library to be completed and


This is GREAT!

posted on 11/08/2022
5 Stars
I knew this was going to be good, but it blows my expectations away. I received my copy yesterday and couldn't wait to put it on my table for a spin. WOW! Thank you for all involved in making this a realilty. I can't waiit for the next one to ship!


posted on 11/07/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steve D
Absolutely stunning. Possibly the best sounding lp I own. Amazing sound stage. I can hear EVERYTHING!

I can’t wait for the next 6. I love all Steely Dan. This was never one of my favorites, but right now it is my favorite. Fire in the Hole is incredible. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to vinyl nirvana.

A joy to listen to.

posted on 11/07/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: GB
Okay, I confess. I have eventually sold every copy of this record ever purchased since 1972. There may be a “Hot Stamper” out there, but I’ve not heard it. This UHQR reissue is sublime. The sound is spacious, with depth and a joy to listen to. Both records are flat and dead quiet. Thanks to everyone involved.

Very Highly Recommended

posted on 11/06/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike Z.
Thank you Bernie, thank you Chad. This 50 year-old favorite has never sounded better. Dead quiet and flat vinyl w/no skips,pops or crackle. The drum sound I've always loved from Bernie since 1978 by the way ! If you love this album as much as I do, treat yourself to the best.

Happy Dan Fan

posted on 11/05/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob H
As a Steely Dan fan since 72, I have chased what I thought was better source for this album for decades with moderate success. After receiving and spinning my copy today, I am done chasing source for this album. This tasty bit of vinyl contains the sound I have been chasing for decades.

Simply, I am stunned as to the detail and nuance revealed by this pressing. This vinyl is a joy to spin.

Thank you to everyone involved with this UHQR it sounds amazing.

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