Seigen Ono Ensemble - Forest and Beach


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CSDA 1003 SA
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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Listening to "Bar del Mattatoi" is a unique experience, and Seigen Ono immediately places us in a landscape both human and geographic that overflows with sensuality, sweetness and melancholy. This blend of intense pleasure in life and vague sadness at recognizing our inability to organize it - something Brazilians are perhaps known for - is captured here with extraordinary poetic aptness. A sentimental melody, like those in Fellini’s movies, seems more remembered than heard as it emerges from the sea, through a crowd that scatters across the beach and moves over the asphalt, up onto the sidewalk and rises towards the blue sky, where the sun seems to shine exclusively for the city of Rio de Janeiro. But it is not the visual impression evoked by the sound of voices, the waves and the notes that is the point here. The phrases and noises are not heard as if they were the soundtrack for a film whose images are invisible. What dazzles us is the understanding of the power of sound.

1. The Forest
2. The Beach

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