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Packing more rock savvy than most members of the alterna-rock Boy's Club and more melody than her Riot Grrrl counterparts, the rhythms and riffs of Palmyra Delran's songs stand out in the punk rock landscape.

Wielding her guitar like a carving knife and using her voice as the most potent of spices, she sprinkles her music liberally with powerful rhythms and textures, garnishing it with sugary melodies and acerbic lyrics.

1. Come Spy With Me
2. Happy Birthday Middle Child
3. Tape A Nickel To The Tonearm
4. I'm Satisfied
5. (If You'd Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up
6. Walk Away
7. I Thought You Said That You Were Gonna Kill Yourself
8. Chica Ye Ye
9. Tragedy Ann
10. Shortest Longest Story
11. Ballad Of Madface And The Baby
12. Song Of Love

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