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Jazz 4 All - Simone


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Mastered using JVC 24bit AD Converter with Digital K2 Rubidium Clock

Jazz4All was founded by Carlos R. Peniche, a passionate admirer of jazz standards. Their repertoire includes 1,000 jazz standards of different genres such as swing, blues, bebop, Bossa Nova, and even boleros. In the delicate Harmonix International sales team, there are a number of great musicians such as Mr. Ineichen of HWV Pathos in Switzerland, Monika Bokari of Pro 1 and Carlos Peniche of Stylus Audio in Mexico, and maybe more.

This XRCD release contains jazz music performed by Carlos Peniche of Stylus Audio and his jazz members, Jazz4All. Carlos is a very proud Harmonix representative and jazz musician. With he and his group interested in the quality of XRCD, Kazuo Kiuchi has chosen to produce this album by Jazz4All.

Original Master of the 24 bit Digital Recorded. Mastered utilizing JVC 24bit AD Converter with Digital K2, Rubidium clock.

• Mastered Using JVC 24bit AD Converter with Digital K2, Rubidium clock
• Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu at JVC Mastering Center in Japan

Carlos R. Peniche, bass
Carlos Gallegos, piano
Pablo Prieto, drums
Joe D'Etienne, trumpet
Federico Hulsz, tenor saxophone

1. Line For Lyons
2. Just a Few
3. to Wisdom the Prize
4. Jazz 4 All Blues
5. Whisper Not
6. Groovin' High
7. Just Friends
8. Soul Eyes
9. Simone
10. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

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Stunning sound quality

posted on 11/14/2022
5 Stars
If all cd's would sound musical like this masterpiece ..we will never need the high res discs ...

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