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As the entry-level class A/B stereo power .8 amplifier, the X150.8 features many of the same technical and sonic attributes of its larger brethren. It features 150 watts per channel, 100K ohm input impedance and operates “higher” into Class A than its predecessors. But knowing the ear is not a microphone and the brain is not a tape recorder, we've designed this model to bridge the gap between measured performance and outstanding subjective musical experience. Simply put, the X150.8 will compel you to listen to your entire music collection again and again.

Class - AB
Type - Stereo
Gain (dB) - 26
Full Pwr @ 26 dB gain (V) - 1.73
Low Frequency Response - 1.5 Hz
High Frequency Response - 100 KHz
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) - 150
Power Output /ch (4 ohm) - 300
Distortion (1 KHz, full power) - 1%

Input Impedance (SE & BAL Kohms) - 50/100
Damping Factor - 150
Output Noise (uV) - 200
Current Draw @ Idle (Amps) - 2.9
Power Consumption (Watts) - 375
Temperature (deg C.) - 53
Number of Chassis - 1
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) - 19 x 21.25 x 7.5
Unit Weight (LBS) - 88

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