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James Newton Howard is a highly-regarded composer for film and television, with credits ranging from Prince of Tides, Dave, Alive, Wyatt Earp and ER. He was joined on this album by members of the rock supergroup, Toto.

1. Caesar
2. Gone Buttlefishin
3. She
4. L'Daddy
5. Tandoori
6. Borealis
7. E-Minor Shuffle
8. Slippin' Away II
9. Amuseum

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posted on 05/02/2014
5 Stars
I first got this disc in 1996 when I was in the car stereo business to use as a demo CD and this disc has sold more car stereos than I can count.It still sounds amazing today in the car but it really shines in my listening room because of much better DACs in my amps and Denon DVD player.I have wished for years that every disk made was as good as this one.The music is more a rock flair than anything with a little jazzy sound thrown in..

Best CD version of this classic

posted on 01/24/2006
5 Stars
This is a wonderful album for anyone who is into electronic Jazz. It still ranks among my all time favorites more than 20 years later.

The XRCD is the best CD version I have ever heard, and I have all of the other versions. The LP still has a slight edge, but it is much less noticable with this release than with any others.

Now, will somebody please release this classic on SACD???

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