John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

 (The Complete Masters + Booklet)

Released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the of John Coltrane's masterpiece!

Includes 20-page booklet with notes, rare images and essay by Ashley Kahn

Three LPs: Original remastered album plus mono reference mixes, outtakes and live recording of the suite!

Easily one of the most important records ever made, John Coltrane's A Love Supreme was his pinnacle studio outing that at once compiled all of his innovations from his past, spoke of his current deep spirituality, and also gave a glimpse into the next two-and-a-half years.

This exhaustive 3LP set gathers every scrap of material recorded during the recording sessions as well as a live performance of the suite from later the same year. You get a clearer sense than ever before of the different forms A Love Supreme might have taken, and how Coltrane's desire to communicate something specific and profound led to its final shape.

LP 1: The Original Stereo LP
Side 1
Part I – Acknowledgement
Part II – Resolution
Side 2
Part III – Pursuance
Part IV – Psalm

LP 2: The Quartet Session: December 9, 1964
Side 3
Part III – Pursuance mono reference mix
Part IV – Psalm mono reference mix
Side 4
Part I – Acknowledgement vocal overdub 2
Part I – Acknowledgement vocal overdub 3
Part II – Resolution take 4/alternate
Part II – Resolution take 6/breakdown
Part IV – Pslam undubbed version

LP 3

Side 5
Part I – Acknowledgement take 1/alternate
Part I – Acknowledgement take 2/alternate
Part I – Acknowledgement take 3/breakdown with studio dialogue
Side 6
Part I – Acknowledgement take 4/alternate
Part I – Acknowledgement take 5/false start
Part I – Acknowledgement take 6/alternate

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