David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

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David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock





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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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New solo album from the Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist

Two disc box set includes CD, Blu-ray with bonus 10 audio-visual items, 4 audio tracks, surround sound

5.1 Surround Sound (PCM and DTS Master Audio), plus stereo version in 24bit/96 khz

Plus extra non-album audio-visual material and audio material: 4 video tracks, audio tracks, 2 promo films, 4 documentaries

Plus 32-page hardback lyric/photo book including artist photographs by Kevin Westenberg and album session photographs by Polly Samson

Plus 48-page book ‘Paradise Lost' (Book II)

Plus Memorabilia including poster, postcard and plectrum
CD and Blu-ray discs in colour card wallets with colour labels

Album produced by David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera

Rattle That Lock is famed guitarist and co-vocalist of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour's fourth solo album. It follows his No. 1 in the U.K. album On An Island. The primary lyricist for the new album is Gilmour's long-term writing partner, Polly Sampson, and the album is co-produced by David Gilmour and Roxy Music's Phil Manaznera.

Among the features in the deluxe CD + Blu-ray package is the album in 5.1 Surround (PCM and DTS Master Audio), plus the stereo version in 24-bit/96kHz. Audio-visual content includes "Barn Jams" recorded and filmed in January 2007 — 4 AV clips including keyboardist Richard Wright's last recorded performances. There's also a 32-page hardback lyric/photo book that includes artist photos by Kevin Westenberg and album session photos by Polly Samson. Memorabilia includes a poster, postcard and plectrum. The CD and Blu-ray discs come in color card wallets with color labels.

Rattle That Lock feaures an uptempo bass groove, rousing choir and lyrics drawn from John Milton's Paradise Lost. As Gilmour previously revealed, the melody for the title single was inspired by "four notes, created by (sound designer) Michaël Boumendil, which precede announcements at French SNCF railway stations which David recorded on his phone at Aix-en-Provence station."

"It's a jingle, a four-note jingle, and every time I heard it, it would make me want to start dancing," Gilmour says in a making-of video for the single. Gilmour's wife and novelist Polly Samson contributed the track's lyrics. "It's about a journey, but it's also about that journey of not accepting the status quo," Samson said. "It's based on two journeys, both inspired by Paradise Lost."

"Rattle that lock and lose those chains," Gilmour sings on the single, which features surprising dub elements midway through the song. The track is punctuated by a pair of Gilmour's trademark, unmistakable guitar solos, the first arriving around the 90-second mark, while the second soars on the track's closing minute.


1. Five A.M.
2. Rattle That Lock
3. Faces Of Stone
4. A Boat Lies Waiting
5. Dancing Right In Front Of Me
6. In Any Tongue
7. Beauty
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress
9. Today
10. And Then…

1. Barn Jams – Recorded and filmed in January 2007: Barn Jam 1, Barn Jam 2, Barn Jam 3, Barn Jam 4
2. The Animators – Alisdair + Jock
3. Rattle That Lock film
4. The Animators – Danny Madden
5. The Girl In The Yellow Dress film
6. Polly Samson & David Gilmour At The Borris House Festival
7. The Making of the Rattle That Lock Album

Audio Only
1. Rattle That Lock extended mix
2. The Girl In The Yellow Dress orchestral version
3. Rattle That Lock youth mix
4. Rattle That Lock radio edit

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