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If the Copenhagen sessions from Storyville yielded some memorable moments for Sonny Boy, the Otis Spann recording sessions could be summarized as some of his best. Totally focused on the instrument and voice, the listener is practically leaning over the piano enjoying every nuance of the keys and his incredible vocals-that is the blues. Otis Spann may have made more popular recordings with Muddy Waters, but he certainly wasnt heard like this. After all the amplifier howlin' was over, one can understand why many of his contemporaries enjoyed having him play after hours shows following their concerts - it was so they could hear him like this.

This is one hell of an awesome recording. Listen to Spann breath as he wails on those keys. Hear his lips smack. Every nuance. Every detail. This is the blues, and you can hear it CRYSTAL CLEAR!

1. Good Morning Mr. Blues
2. Love, Love, Love
3. River Side Blues
4. Must Have Been The Devil
5. Jelly Roll Baker
6. Trouble In Mind
7. Worried Life Blues
8. T. B. Blues
9. Spann's Boogie
10. Don't You Know
11. Goin Down Slow
12. The Skys Are Blue
13. Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
14. Boots And Shoes

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One of the best Blues albums... period.

posted on 12/22/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joe Jacobs
I find I keep going back to this one over and over every few months and it never wears out when it comes to being solidly entertaining.

Here is a case where HDCD really shows off. When you put a little energy in the speakers, it's like Mr. Spann is right there in your living room. When he pounds his foot on the floor keeping time, you feel it. Man, is it realistic! And that's the idea in better quality audio reproduction, isn't it? To FEEL the artist in a more personal way than just simply hearing the music?

This disc delivers that experience like very few I own. Performance and sonics both rate 5 Stars minimum.

The style of the music is that smooth, Bluesy, rhythmic driving beat that can be the feature instrument or drive a band along with it. When you listen to Muddy Waters on an electric guitar, it's pretty easy to understand why he liked Otis Spann as his piano player.

Throw this one on, turn it up and I'm betting that you'll like Mr. Spann as your piano player,too...

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