Laura Marling - Short Movie

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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
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Fifth full-length release from the British folk singer-songwriter

150-gram double LP

Album download included

"No doubts about this: Short Movie is a masterpiece." — The Telegraph, March 2015

"It's Marling's sense of immediacy that makes Short Movie so evocative." — Paste Magazine, April 2015

At 25, Laura Marling has the poise and reticence of someone twice her age. Short Movie — the singer/songwriter's fifth full-length — is a beautiful album that both honors and questions indie folk traditions. Marling takes detours through waves of noise and experimental arrangements that balance the directness of some of the songs’ more direct sentiments. “I’m a woman now, can you believe?” she asks on the blistering “Don’t Let Me Bring You Down” — a pointed question that Marling doesn’t really need answered.

Side 1
1. Warrior
2. False Hope
3. I Feel Your Love

Side 2
4. Walk Alone
5. Strange
6. Don’t Let Me Bring You Down
7. Easy

Side 3
8. Gurdjieff’s Daughter
9. Divine
10. How Can I

Side 4
11. Howl At The Moon
12. Short Movie
13. Worship

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