Ortofon - 6NX-TSW1010R High purity (6N) copper tonearm cable RCA-to-RCA




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6NX TSW-1010 R

The low signals from the cartridge are very sensitive to electromagnetic induced noise from the outside world. Things like mobile phones and home appliances challenge the tonearm cable. With this focus, Ortofon engineers have made a cable comprised of 7 cores 5N/6N OFC with a tight shield surrounding the cores for optimum shielding against electrical radiated noise.

The 6NX TSW-1010 R (RCA to RCA) is the ideal solution for connecting the MC Transformer and Phono pre-amplifier.

Technical specifications:
Conductor material: High purity OFC
Cable capacitance: 85pF
Cable length: 1 x 1.2m
Cable diameter: Ø 10 mm
Gold plated RCA terminal

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

The real article

posted on 12/20/2020
5 Stars
Expensive but delivers . They offer SPDIF or better levels of electrical isolation and include the ground all in a tidy beautiful bundle that looks as rich as sounds. First rate all around. A great match for my Cadenza Black.

Best I've heard

posted on 12/07/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill Donohue
I have an SME V tonearm. I read their phono cable wasn't that good so I tried out a few of the high-priced models from a dealer on a loaner basis. I then tried this one. This is the BEST by far. I love the Ortofon carts anyway, but never expected a cable from them this good. Don't let the low price fool you. This is a high-end cable.

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