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Andrew Lloyd Webber - Jesus Christ Superstar Product No: AVER 5393331
Available: InStock
Category: 180 Gram Vinyl Record
Label: Verve

Very Nice Reissue

4 Stars
Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by Brian VanPelt If you are like me, you always found the earlier pressings to be, well, depressing. The vocals were lifeless and murky. The instruments sounded fine, but nothing really great. I stuck with the CD version, and that means I rarely listened to the album. Recently, a remastered version surfaced, so I knew a good sounding version was possible. This particular reissue fixed all of the problems from the earlier versions/pressings.

The vocals are sharply defined and clear. All of the instruments sound very real, and you can hear the full decay on cymbals and other tones. You won't believe that this recording is some 50 years old. The pressing is fairly quiet - light clicks and other small distortions, but most of it was hidden under the music. The vinyl itself looked perfect.

Overall, the dynamics are pretty strong, and outside of the surface noises, this is almost perfect. I really want to give this release 4.5 stars, but you can't give half stars.

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products