John Coltrane - Ballads

 (45 RPM 200 Gram Clarity Vinyl)

John Coltrane - Ballads


Analogue Productions



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AUHQR 0008-45
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UHQR Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 200 Gram
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John Coltrane Quartet — Ballads

Analogue Productions' UHQR, the pinnacle of high-quality vinyl!

45 RPM Ultra High Quality Record release limited to 5,000 copies

Mastered from the original tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings using Clarity Vinyl®

Includes a 12" x 12" 12-page booklet featuring liner notes by Ashley Kahn and recording session images by Jim Marshall

"If you're a serious hardcore Coltrane fan, I would opt for the UHQR because I think this one sounds best in terms of depth, dimension, soundstage and detail. It is an amazing UHQR version." — Kenny's Audiophile Record Reviews. YouTube video

"Coltrane's closely miked sax sounds vividly present, a bit more so on this UHQR compared to the others, and Tyner's piano, while not brilliantly recorded (n the RVG style) sounds a bit more solid and grounded in space on the UHQR compared to RKS's 33 1/3 cut. ... Does this edition beat the RKS 33 1/3 edition? Yes. By leaps and bounds? No, but it is better. Is the presentation superior? Yes. By leaps and bounds." — Music = 10/11; Sound = 9/11 — Michael Fremer, To read Fremer's full review click here.

Audiophile reviews rave about saxophone master John Coltrane's immortal Impulse! records, A Love Supreme (1964) and Ballads (1963). Ballads is an album that will never go out of style and never be unwelcome on any jazz lover's turntable.

You're about to experience Ballads at its peak of vinyl perfection — in UHQR format on Clarity Vinyl, with the added bonus of a double 45 RPM cut by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. Ryan's cut has his characteristic clarity and transparency all set against Quality Record Pressing's usual noiseless backgrounds on 200-gram flawless records. Each UHQR will be packaged in a deluxe box and will include a booklet detailing the entire process of making a UHQR along with a hand-signed certificate of inspection. This will be a truly deluxe, collectible product.

For this 45 RPM 2LP edition you'll also receive a !2" x 12" 12-page booklet featuring liner notes by Ashley Kahn and recording session images by Jim Marshall.

The intense passionate Coltrane interpretation of standards such as "All Or Nothing At All," "What's New," "It's Easy To Remember" and the Sinatra classic "Nancy (With The Laughing Face)" are the essence of Ballads. When asked why attempt such an undertaking, Coltrane replied "Variety."

While it may have been a short detour by Trane before he exploded off into the nether regions of jazz music a few years later, it is still a fantastic document of one of the premier jazz groups of the 1960s.

Recorded December 21, 1961 and September 18 & November 13, 1962 at Rudy Van Gelder Studios.

"It's impossible to sleepwalk through tracks like "You Don't Know What Love Is" and "I Wish I Knew" and impart them with even a fraction of the emotional heft that the Quartet achieves. This is the type of jazz album in which the music just washes over the listener with it's restrained grace and beauty, and while it may not have the adventurousness that some listeners think Trane should have had each and every time he recorded, I'd say it shows off a side of him that only makes us appreciate his more bold and daring albums even more." — The Jazz Record



Ratings By Michael Fremer @

Side 1
Say It (Over And Over Again) (4:15)
You Don't Know What Love Is (5:11)
Side 2
Too Young To Go Steady (4:20)
All Or Nothing At All (3:35)
Side 3
I Wish I Knew (4:54)
What's New (3:43)
Side 4
It's Easy To Remember (2:45)
Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 3:09)

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Excellent Pressing!

posted on 03/10/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
Another excellent Pressing! Sounds amazing through my Focal Kanta 2. John Coltrane at his best. Also have "Love Supreme" This pressing sounds a tad bit more open and cleaner!

Coltrane’s sound is beautiful on Ballads, especially here.

posted on 02/24/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott
Coltrane never sounded so nice. Beautiful.


posted on 02/18/2024
5 Stars
This has always been one of my favorite Coltrane albums. I have a recent LP and also DSD versions, and this one blows then all away.

Seriously, if you love this album, just get it!!!


posted on 02/17/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Don E
This is far and away the best I have heard this album. Dead quite and wonderful!!!

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