Nirvana - In Utero

 (20th Anniversary Edition (2) 45 RPM LP + (1) 33 1/3 RPM LP)





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45 RPM Vinyl Record

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45 RPM

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Two 45 RPM LPs and one 33 1/3 RPM LP on 180-gram vinyl!

20th anniversary edition; the 33 1/3 RPM LP includes all of the remastered B-sides, never-before-heard mixes and bonus tracks from the original album release

Direct metal mastering from the original analog tapes

Download card included — 320kbps vinyl ripped AAC MP4s

This 20th Anniversary three-LP edition of the unwitting swansong of the single most influential band of the 1990s, features the original album remastered at Abbey Road Studios on two LPs and for the first time available at high fidelity 45 RPM, plus a 33 1/3 RPM LP of all the remastered B-sides, never-before-heard mixes and bonus tracks from the original album release. All three LPs are on 180-gram vinyl.

A reactionary statement to the phenomenal commercial success of Nevermind, In Utero remains Nirvana's most noisy, caustic, uncompromised, and aggressive album. It's also the band's best, a brilliant combination of contagious hooks, feedback-drenched squalls, bruised beauty, and biting lyrical wit intended to blindside causal listeners with raw emotion, difficult listening, and painful honesty. Rife with medical imagery and references to disease, sickness, decay, and dismay, In Utero is the distraught sound of personal catharsis and unyielding trauma. More revealingly, the record doubles as a haunting foreshadowing of singer Kurt Cobain's suicide that took place just months after its release.

Unhappy with the high-gloss production and pop-based arrangements on Nevermind, Nirvana set out to make a harsher album that would literally alienate millions. While the trio succeeded in its goal of getting intimate with blistering dissonance and acerbic tones, In Utero resonated with the public, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard charts and ultimately selling more than four million copies.




LP 1:
Serve The Servants (Album Version)
Scentless Apprentice (Album Version)
Heart-Shaped Box (Album Version)
Rape Me (Album Version)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Album Version)
Dumb (Album Version)

LP 2:
Very Ape (Album Version)
Milk It (Album Version)
Pennyroyal Tea (Album Version)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Album Version)
Tourette's (Album Version)
All Apologies (Album Version)

LP 3: 33-1/3
Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (Album Version)
Marigold (B-Side)
Moist Vagina (2013 Mix)
Sappy (2013 Mix)
I Hate Myself And Want To Die (2013 Mix)
Pennyroyal Tea (Scott Litt Mix)
Heart-Shaped Box (Original Steve Albini 1993 Mix)
All Apologies (Original Steve Albini 1993 Mix)

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THE reference discs for this album.

posted on 02/09/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: James
This is one of my favourite albums, and I listened to this pressing for the first time last night (I had been waiting upon a needle for my turny).

Granted, I have not compared pressings of this LP, but I studied the MFSL CD for years, as well as the original Geffen release. These 45 LPs are a stunning, quiet pressing, and in my opinion, THE reference for this LP. Like Albini's goal, it actually sounds like a direct tape transfer. I hear things in this pressing I had never heard before. The sound stage is tight, and although a strange recording, is totally vicious.

Although it is expensive, if you enjoy this album, or Albini's recorded work in general, like I do, this is worth every dollar. Buy one before they're all gone!

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