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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms on numbered limited edition Hybrid SACD

1985 set has sold more than nine million copies in U.S. alone, ranked No 351 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

There are hit records. And then there are blockbusters. One of the world's best-selling records, a winner of two Grammy Awards, an era-defining reference statement, an MTV favorite, and a set that catapulted an already-acclaimed band to arena status, Brothers In Arms is the kind of epic spectacular that comes around only once or twice a decade.

Surpassed only in fame and visibility during the period by Michael Jackson's Thriller, the 1985 album remains idiosyncratic for its covetable combination of adventurous songwriting, precision-based performances, and reference-caliber fidelity.

Mastered from the original master tapes, and possessing a richness befitting the album's stellar reputation, Mobile Fidelity's numbered limited-edition Hybrid SACD of Brothers In Arms breathes with transparent highs, atmospheric heft, and lifelike tonalities. The sense of realism this edition delivers will leave slack-jawed even the most hard-to-please audiophiles. As the recipient of the Grammy for Best-Engineered Recording, the album has always been a go-to sonic standard, but never has it sounded so reach-out-and-touch-it realistic as it does here.

Although it's easy to speculate that the colossal success of Brothers In Arms relates to its timing — its release during an era obsessed with catchy singles, flashy MTV videos, and whistle-friendly melodies — reasons for the album's chart-busting success primarily owe to the expertly crafted songs and memorable playing turned in by a group hitting its creative peak. Not to mention the spatial dimensions that cause instruments and vocals to naturally float in a fixed area.

Anchored by "Money for Nothing," a caustically themed smash immediately identifiable via Mark Knopfler's resonant finger-picked guitar riff and Sting's "I want my MTV" vocal refrain, Dire Straits' fifth album is stuffed with bluesy signatures, jazz-rock motifs, clever lyrics, and organic accents. Diversity and consistency also extend to the songs' moods. Singing with his trademark light-to-the-touch timbre, Knopfler conjures feelings of poignancy, peacefulness, and mellowness, channeling wistfulness on the Top 10 single "So Far Away" and somber assurance on "Why Worry."


1. So Far Away
2. Money for Nothing
3. Walk of Life
4. Your Latest Trick
5. Why Worry
6. Ride Across the River
7. The Man’s Too Strong
8. One World
9. Brothers in Arms

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

The Best

posted on 04/02/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ralph
This is the best sounding BiA. Trust me, I have them all.


posted on 03/03/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Will
grew up with dire straits and never much cared for them . Intrigued by the hype i ordered this. The expletives that gushed from my mouth flowed like a river as i sat in front of this recording: lush , warm , analogue sounding and considering it was recorded in digital its a minor miracle what MFSL have achieved here. Oh, and i could crank the living daylights out of the volume knob and still it sounds silky smooth with no distortion . A poster child for why brick walling is a mortal sin


posted on 09/14/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff C - Australia
The original 1985 CD release of this album was the first CD I ever purchased. It has always been a favourite and over the years I have grown to like it more. As my sound systems have been improved over the years I’ve been able to enjoy the Sonics even more. I made the mistake of buying the 2005 20th anniversary SACD. One of the worst remasters I have ever experienced but this was when I discovered the awful truth about why remastered CDs sounded so bad. Over brightened and the original dynamic range compressed from 20 down to a stupid 8. This killed the crank-ability of the album and causes listener fatigue. Despite all this I took the gamble on the MoFi version because they usually do a good job. It paid off! Their version is true to the 1985 CD but with the extra definition you would expect from SACD. NICE! Glad I took the plunge. I think the original CD and the Mofi SACD are both very good and frankly I like them both equally for different reasons.

Sounds amazing

posted on 08/21/2013
5 Stars
Don't hesitate on this one, get it before its gone...great sound and finally I can dump my 3-4 vinyl copies. I had no idea this record was edited down to fit the LP, so I finally get a chance to hear this record in its entirely.

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