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Berliner Meister Schallplatten



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ABMS 1305
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D2D Vinyl Record

Note: 180 Gram


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Recorded Direct To Disc

180-gram vinyl direct to disc mastered at Emil Berliner Studios!

Cut by Maarten de Boer and pressed at Pallas!

The musicians are absolute experts in their field: Take first the legendary saxophonist Volker Schlott who was very famous in the Berlin jazz scene of the '70s and '80s when the city still belonged to the German Democratic Republic. And then you have the extremely versatile pianist Bene Apperdanier, who — as musical director of such talent-spotting TV programmes as "Star Search" and "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" ("Germany searches for a superstar") — possesses a wealth of experience in music. Ame Jansens rocks with his mix of technical brilliance and wild, improvised musical abandonment. Heiko Jung, a real sparkling diamond of the German music industry, makes great use of his experience in the areas of jazz, funk and soul to round up the ensemble as a drummer. And if Heiko is a diamond, then Markus Runzheimer is definitely a bombshell. Quiet and modest, until he reaches for his bass, but then truly explosive beats are let loose with a vengeance. With all these amazingly talented musicians Smith succeeds in becoming totally professional and, thanks to her 'live band' concept, creates a sound that is extraordinarily sophisticated and, more importantly, thereby reveals a true love of art.



Side 1
The Liar
Choose to Change
Blues (Hoochie Cootchie Woman)

Side 2
Move on Up

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