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45 RPM Vinyl Record

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45 RPM  
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Beyond The 4 Walls — 45 RPM double LP pressed by Quality Record Pressings!

Renowned Sacred Steel players The Campbell Brothers return to studio recording

APO Records produces live to 2-track recording at Blue Heaven Studios

Mastering by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio

"The Campbells ... are northerners ... but their sound is rich in southern roots: Modal harmonies; rhythmics that layer, circle and intertwine in patterns that hark back to African ring shouts; full-bodied singing that segues between solo verses and spirit-infused group response .. Whether or not one chooses to believe the literal truth of all the songs' lyrics, the music itself is both healing and sanctifying — just as it does in church, it calls the Spirit down upon us and we emerge both cleansed and inspired." — Living Blues magazine

Beyond The 4 Walls is the triumphant return of the Campbell Brothers to studio recording. It's been too many years. Since they were first heard outside their church, almost 15 years ago, the Campbell Brothers have been on an incredible and often arduous journey, finding their way, balancing their faith with their desire to take their music to new audiences.

The brothers alternatively pluck heartstrings and wail righteously as practitioners of Sacred Steel — African-American gospel music with electric steel guitar and vocals — music at the heart of the music tradition of the House of God church. Rochester, New York, is their home, but Sacred Steel has had devotees in Florida, Detroit, Nashville and elsewhere since the 1930s.

Within the church the brothers have long been considered masters — Chuck on pedal steel, Phil on guitar and Darick on lap steel. To their growing audience, they inspire awe as their songs slowly expand from guitar licks that speak in soft voices, to the likes of a powerful train engine and raucous thunderclaps of notes.

National Public Radio wrote of The Campbell Brothers that Sacred Steel is "every bit as earth-shattering as (Robert) Johnson's music was in the '30s. It's a soul-stirring blend of gospel and the power and volume of electric blues and rock, a sound as hot as brimstone that kicks holy butt. It's also shredding perceptions of country's signature instrument and the limitations of church music."

APO Records and Quality Record Pressings bring you now this unbridled musical celebration, uplifting souls and inspiring hope among those who arguably need it most — those who exist Beyond The 4 Walls. The Campbell Brothers are proud to carry on that legacy with this album as they continue to share their brand of gospel music with the world.

Side 1
1. Hell No! Heaven Yes!
2. It's Alright Now
3. Mama's Gone

Side 2
1. Believe I'll Run On
2. Lord, I Just Want To Thank You
3. Nobody's Fault But Mine

Side 3
1. When All Of God's Children Get Together
2. P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)
3. Joy
4. Make A Joyful Noise

Side 4
1. When Things Go Wrong
2. I Ain't Going To Cry No More
3. God, Can We Talk For A Minute?

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