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2017 RSD blue, gray vinyl Canada Collection

Please note: Individual Doors titles are not numbered. Only the Infinite 45 RPM LP and SACD box sets are numbered, and limited to 2,500 copies.

Mastered by Doug Sax using an all-tube system. Overseen by Bruce Botnick, The Doors producer/engineer.

Two 45 rpm LPs pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings/Also on Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Part of The Doors reissue series proudly presented by Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings!

"... This double 45 offers incredible dynamics, beautiful detail and just comes alive in my room. The drums are so dynamic and alive it is startling on some cuts. Morrison's voice is right there with all its power and gravel. It never breaks up, but simply sounds so right. ... To be honest, these are better than I ever dreamed rock music from the sixties could sound. I want to thank everyone at Analogue Productions for bringing me such sweet sounds from some of my favorite music ever. My highest recommendation!" — Jack Roberts,, September 2012

Sinister, beguiling ... these were words reviewers used to describe The Door’s melodic psychedelic-era genre-blending sound. A mix of blues, Eastern music, classical and pop fueled hits such as the bluesy “Love Me Two Times” and “People Are Strange” from The Door’s debut follow-up, Strange Days.

Strange Days featured a smattering of edgy recitations (“Horse Latitudes”) and smoky rockers (“My Eyes Have Seen You”). Morrison’s rallying cry “We want the world, and we want it now!” from the ambitious extended track, “When the Music’s Over,” marked a touchstone for that era’s counterculture movement. Rolling Stone described Strange Days as having “all the power and energy of the first LP, but (it’s) more subtle, more intricate and much more effective.”

Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings are proud to announce that these six studio LP titles — The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun, Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman —  are featured on 180-gram vinyl, pressed at 45 rpm. All six titles are also available on Multichannel SACD! All were cut from the original analog masters by Doug Sax, with the exception of The Doors, which was made from the best analog tape copy.

A truly authentic reissue project, the masters were recorded on tube equipment, and the tape machine used for the transfer of these releases is a tube machine, as is the cutting system. Tubes baby!

This is no time to wallow in the mire. The Doors are on Analogue Productions!

Originally released in 1967

Ray Manzarek, keyboards

Jim Morrison, vocals

John Densmore, drums

Robby Krieger, guitar

Technical notes about the recording process by Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick:

"Throughout the record history of the Doors, the goal between Paul Rothchild and myself was to be invisible, as the Doors were the songwriters and performers. Our duty was to capture them in the recorded medium without bringing attention to ourselves. Of course, the Doors were very successful, and Paul and I did receive some acclaim, which we did appreciate.

"If you listen to all the Doors albums, no attempt was made to create sounds that weren't generated by the Doors, except for the Moog Synthesizer on Strange Days, although that was played live in the mix by Jim, but that's another story. The equipment used was very basic, mostly tube consoles and microphones. Telefunken U47, Sony C37A, Shure 56. The echo used was from real acoustic echo chambers and EMT plate reverb units. In those days, we didn't have plug-ins or anything beyond an analogue eight-track machine. All the studios that we used, except for Elektra West, had three Altec Lansing 604E loudspeakers, as that was the standard in the industry, three-track. On EKS-74007, The Doors, we used four-track Ampex recorders and on the subsequent albums, 3M 56 eight-tracks. Dolby noise reduction units were used on two albums, Waiting For The Sun and The Soft Parade. Everything was analogue, digital was just a word. We didn't use fuzz tone or other units like that but created the sounds organically, i.e. the massive dual guitar solo on "When The Music's Over," which was created by feeding the output of one microphone preamp into another and adjusting the level to create the distortion. The tubes were glowing and lit up the control room.

"When mastering for the 45-RPM vinyl release, we were successfully able to bake the original master tapes and play them to cut the lacquer masters."

- Bruce Botnick, July 2012

"... Kassem has once again (as with the Impulse 45 RPM series) met the highest of expectations with these (album) covers. The 180 gram platters, housed in QRP rice paper sleeves, are equally impressive, arriving clean, flat and playing silently with nary a pop or tic throughout ... this dead quiet, ultra-dynamic pressing showcases the epic ("The End") bringing out low level detail that simply can't be heard on the already fantastic-sounding Monarch pressing original. ... Immediately upon dropping the needle on the Analogue Productions 45 RPM reissue of Strange Days, you know that you're about to experience something special. ... This 45 RPM pressing gives up none of the emotion or midrange complexity of the original and forces none of the overly tight bass sometimes heard on audiophile reissues in the process. ... This is as good as an audiophile reissue can get and I give it my highest recommendation." - My Vinyl Review

"The double 45 (Strange Days) offers far greater dynamics, detail and uniformity among the tracks since the cut never extends near the high frequency curtailing inner groove area. ... It's the best sounding edition you will ever hear and well worth the price, especially if you had any idea what AP's Chad Kassem had to go through to convince the powers that be to let him use the original analog master tapes, and what he had to pay for the privilege." - Music = 10/11; Sound = 10/11 - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, July 2012

Click here to read a 1997 interview in The Tracking Angle with Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick.

"I received test pressings today for both Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman. I have to tell you that these are the very best pressings I've heard in many, many moons. Great plating and your compound is so quiet that I clearly heard every fade out to its conclusion with no problem. Doug (Sax) and company did a lovely job, the tapes sound pretty damn good for being almost 50 years old and his system is clearly the best...You should be very proud of what you and your troops are doing." - Bruce Botnick, The Doors producer/engineer

1. Strange Days
2. You're Lost Little Girl
3. Love Me Two Times
4. Unhappy Girl
5. Horse Latitudes
6. Moonlight Drive
7. People Are Strange
8. My Eyes Have Seen You
9. I Can't See Your Face in My Mind
10. When the Music's Over

Customer Reviews (4.73 Stars) 22 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 02/10/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ben S.
As a big fan of The Doors, I didn't realize what I was missing until I heard this reissue of Strange Days on 45 rpm. The sound is just spectacular. The instruments sound terrific and Jim's voice comes through like a light on a dark night. Doug Sax of TML fame proved with this reissue that he was the greatest mastering engineer of all time. If you love The Doors, you will love this reissue!

Not As Impressed As With The Other AP Doors albums

posted on 01/24/2022
4 Stars
Let’s be honest here. Of all the Analogue Productions Doors releases, This album is definitely the least impressive. It doesn’t sound any different from the remaster I bought from Best Buy a couple years ago. And this is the first AP record I got with surface noise and a warp. Straight from Acoustic Sounds, btw! Also this Seriously lacks in bass. And the highs are harsh. They definitely put the least amount of care into this one, compared to the self titled debut album, Morrison Hotel and LA Woman! Now those records sound like Analogue Productions work to me. This one? Meh. Should be a little cheaper than the others. Never thought I’d be writing a negative review of any Analogue Productions release but they were Obviously a little lazy on this one and I have to be honest. I’m not like the others who give a shining review on a record Just cuz Analogue Productions logo is on the label


posted on 09/10/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: gls
Ditto to all the other comments here. Total magic! An astounding recording and a genuine tribute to the capabilities of Analog Productions. Definitely worth having!

Clarity in the mixes!

posted on 04/20/2021
5 Stars
Really impressed with the 45rpm release. The mix sounds so clear here that I am actually hearing detail and elements in the mix that I have never heard before. Certainly a lot easier to pick out the bass guitar (when present). Overall, this mix sounds like something out of the 60`s (as it should) and not at all like a modern day remastering where the bass is emphasized when it shouldn't be. This is my favorite release of this album with only the mono equaling it; but, I have a preference for original mono mixes. Speaking of mono, I would love it if Analogue Productions tackled some The Doors mono mixes.

Very Good!

posted on 11/22/2020
4 Stars
Whew! looks like I caught my initial review before it posted. On that review I gave this mastering a 1. It now appears I was having stylus issues making the album sound thin, grainy and without any appreciable bass.

I will still say that for me its not perfect but very good indeed. Separation and detail from lower midrange up is quite stunning. Still, for me bass in lacking. This may well be the intended sound and I can appreciate that. But, I just bought a Schiit Loki and will color that bass in a bit and see if it completely wins me over. Admittedly, I'm not an audiophile just know the sound I want to experience.

No regrets whatsoever I would buy this pressing again if needed.

Class A SET 300B to 805s, Tekton Lores, Fluance rt85 with Ortofon 2m blue.

Outstanding. Great pressing job too. QRP has done an excellent job with these reissues.

posted on 05/08/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill


posted on 01/09/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Greg
Sound 5/5. I have read other reviews here and I can agree that the recording has not to much bass but I think it is generally The Doors "sound". I can image that on bright sounding systems it won't sound so great. On my system it sounds very very good. The soundstage and details are wonderfull on this pressing. Stop thinking, just buy.

Best pressing I've ever heard of this album

posted on 09/07/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Frank
Fantastic pressing analogue heaven they are very expensive but worth every penny. also got the first LP that sounds amazing too might pick up la Woman the rest not really interested in. love to see full Greatest Hits as well on 45rpm wish beatles stereo lps where done the same way


posted on 07/23/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: MID_NITE
it looks and sounds awesome! BUT! if you know how to use it... i personally love it to death, unlike some people.... in the review

strange ways in 2015

posted on 04/28/2015
1 Stars
just bought the 45 rpm issue, and it sounds horrible.No bas,lot's of treble and a sharp midrange. I can't listen to it,even for a couple of minutes. What is going on with these "Quality" records? The others 45's i bought from AP and MusicMattersJazz/Blue Note and so on sounds great i am just letting you know.It is not my playback system,that's a high-end system

Fantastic Pressing

posted on 04/02/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Pete C.
Quality Record 45 rpm pressings are incredible. The soundstage and depth are amazing. If you want to treat yourself to a really high level turntable delivered sound buy this. You will be glad you did.


posted on 02/01/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Surfdog
From the authentically reproduced cover to the impact of every note, chord, drum beat, and vocal, this album is, in a word, stunning! The circus that was the sixties is perfectly incapsulated in this epic work by the Doors. "When The Music's Over" was Jim Morrison's vision that Rock would soon be Dead to some, but also that, already in 1967, the Sixties and its dreams were drawing to a close. And, indeed, the singer/songwriter fluff of the Seventies,the "hair" bands, the coming disco era, and the disaray of punk, would all prove Morrison's vision to be accurate. Thank God this treasure was created before it all came tumbling down.

Unbelievable sound

posted on 01/11/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ted
You've never heard the Doors until you've heard this album. The detail is stunning. Highly recommended.

Strange Days

posted on 12/26/2012
5 Stars
I recommend all of the doors 45rpm repressings the sound is just amazing


posted on 09/13/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ted
This is the most amazing copy of Strange Days I have ever heard! So much going on in these songs that I never heard before. Quiet vinyl, black background, amazing sound. I bought all The Doors releases from Quality records. Chad has done it again!


posted on 08/14/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: John K
Just a wonderful pressing-Sound quality is best I've ever heard


posted on 07/27/2012
5 Stars
If you're a fan of this album, drop what you're doing and buy this. Nothing else needs to be said.

Strange Days is mind blowing good

posted on 07/23/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Sas-Squashed
this new 45 RPM of Strange Days is a real mind blower. incredibly open, clean ,clear sound.almost too good to be true ..dont leave home without it

Strange Days

posted on 07/17/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Don
Have the DCC, which doesn't hold a candle to this QRP. This one has all the audiophile bells and whistles, without stripping away the heart and soul of this music. It was really quite shocking to hear what I had been missing. Truly a no brainer for fans of this record. I don't have an original to compare it to, and I have looked hard for one. Can't wait to unwrap, clean, and hear their S/T first record. I believe my S/T first press brown label, will be a very interesting comparison vs. the QRP.

The one to own.

posted on 08/04/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: SS
Buy it if you love this album. End of story.

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