Opus 3 - Test CD 4.1 - Depth Of Image, Timbre, Dynamics


Opus 3


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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Test CD 4.1 is an extended version of Test Record 4. Contents now include six completely new tracks and a few replacements, and the total time is more than 76 minutes. In this, the fourth test record, the three basic concepts of Depth of Image, Timbre, and Dynamics have been linked together as a basis for evaluation of HiFi equipment. Test CD 4.1, like its predecessors, the new test record makes an enjoyable music sampler, all the more so as it includes no fewer than 17 tracks from 17 different Opus 3 titles, most of them recent releases. "Joining this page's Desert Island Disc listing is the Opus 3 Test CD 4.1. It's a must-have disc that satisfied our criterion: it is musically compelling and superbly recorded. What distinguishes the Opus disc is the careful attention made at each session to ensure the performers voices and instruments, the natural ambiance and acoustic of the venue is captured faithfully onto the master discs. When combined with the comprehensive liner - notes, the Opus 3 disc can really be thought of as an easy and pleasant guided tour through the art of Hi-Fi" - Herald Sun.

1. From the Drottningholm Music
2. Try a little tenderness
3. Allegretto con variazoni
4. Sonate, Finale: Vivo
5. Circo della vita
6. Played Twice
7. Winin' boy blues
8. Sweet Georgia brown
9. Allegro di Molto
10. Concertino
11. Stompin' at the Savory
12. Concertino
13. Reunion Blues
14. Kongen
15. Black beauty
16. House of the rising sun
17. Look over yonder

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