Miles Davis - Seven Steps To Heaven


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AAPJ 8851-45
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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM    

180-gram double LP cut at 45 RPM

"...The Analogue Productions sound is visceral and crisp in the best sense, and the quiet pressings ensure that no musical detail is even mildly obscured...with these 45rpm LPs, if your system is up to the task, you'll hear boundless high-frequency reach and lavish dynamic nuance and harmonic delicacy." - Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, December 2010

In 1963, Miles Davis was at a transitional point in his career, without a regular group and wondering what his future musical direction would be. At the time he recorded the music heard on this disc, he was in the process of forming a new band, as can be seen from the personnel: tenor saxophonist George Coleman, Victor Feldman (who turned down the job) and Herbie Hancock on pianos, bassist Ron Carter, and Frank Butler and Tony Williams on drums. Recorded at two separate sessions, this set is highlighted by the classic "Seven Steps To Heaven," "Joshua" and slow passionate versions of "Basin Street Blues" and "Baby Won't You Please Come Home."



Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound.

1. Basin Street Blues
2. Seven Steps To Heaven
3. I Fall in Love Too Easily
4. So Near So Far
5. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
6. Joshua

Customer Reviews (4.75 Stars) 8 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 01/19/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: E
One of the better audiophile reissues I've heard, amazing sound and quiet vinyl, highly recommended.

Musically a 5. But......

posted on 11/15/2015
4 Stars
I really like this set. The music and the reissue production are stellar. BUT, side one had many pressing defects, some even visible, and two tries later for a better side one actually produced worse results. Sides two-four are dead quiet. I decided to keep my copy rather then send it back, it's that good. Though, if it had been even slightly worse for noise I would've returnd it.

Very good…but

posted on 07/30/2015
4 Stars
Sounds very good - but more surface noise than I would have expected. Still, excellent re-issue. Best I've ever heard of this particular recording.

It's All Miles

posted on 10/21/2013
5 Stars
Yeah Miles Davis made Kind of Blue Yeah Miles Davis madeBitches Brew Yeah Miles made in a silent way Yeah Miles made so many masterpieces Yeah he made like a zillion records (prodigious) but none of these reasons excuses the neglect of this record by Miles connoieseurs This album and the 58 sessions made just b/4 Kind of blue are among some of the most enticing classic Miles album Like every 180g Analogue Produtions 45rpm record this set kills the competition Just wish AP would abandon all efforts to push their recent pressings to 200g No one has yet to explain the advantage of 200g over 180g to me

classic Miles

posted on 05/18/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lou
Superb sonics. I own the original Columbia pressing and as per the course the 45 blows it away.

great sound

posted on 05/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jorge Ferreira
Great sound, outstanding!


posted on 10/09/2010
5 Stars
This is an absolutely great re-issue. Sonics are off the charts. Highly recommended. Only improvement could be reduced surface noise of the pressing.

Just Buy It

posted on 05/21/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
I used to think that the "golden age" of LP'S was behind us... but now I think this is the "golden age". Having owned all of these releases in the past, and now having the 45rpm version, I can say for sure that this is the best. Yes it is sort of a pain to have to get up twice as often to change the disk... but buck up and get used to it :-) Its just worth it. Miles and gang are playing in the room with you and the level of involvement as a listener is off the charts. Just Buy It... no buy two!!!

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