Max Tundra - Parallax Error Beheads You





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ADOM 2131
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His third record is a masterpiece of micro-melodies and sound bytes; a triumph of slicing, dicing and editing. An intricate mosaic of sounds and styles recognizable from the last 30 years of pop, rock, disco, funk, techno, rap, metal and soul, but many of which are completely new, either by Max recombining genres or by inventing an original one. One song can sometimes sound like seven different bands from totally different worlds playing at once. Just call it cosmic glitch-pop R&B.

1. Gum Chimes
2. Will Get Fooled Again
3. Which Song
4. My Night Out
5. Orphaned
6. Nord Lead Three
7. The Entertainment
8. Number Our Days
9. Glycaemic Index Blues
10. Until We Die

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