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This album was Sun Ra's first, originally released in 1957 on Transition Records as Jazz by Sun Ra. Includes Sun Ra's original notes and poetry, such as "Explanation of Compositions," "The Techniques I Employ" and "Instruction to the Peoples of Earth." Tracks include "Brainville," "Call For All Demons" and "Transition."

1. Brainville
2. Call For All Demons
3. Transition
4. Possession
5. Street Named Hell
6. Lullaby For Realville
7. Future
8. New Horizons
9. Fall Off The Log
10. Sun Song

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A delight on vinyl

posted on 06/14/2023
4 Stars
Reviewer: MSJ
Im a huge fan of this album. Sun Ra's blend of avant garde with classic big band is a delight, and on full display here. I've worn out a few CDs and cassettes of this record in various cars, and on this re-issue, all kinds of things are more present than on either of the previous versions. Its a bit noisy, and has lots of interstitial noise between tracks, but you know what, it all really fits this record. If you just sit and enjoy the complex weaving of melodies, counter melodies, and piano parts.. you cant get enough. Do recommend if you're a fan of this record. It sure beats some releases on previous mediums.

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