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Blind Faith was cursed at its very inception by being billed as a supergroup. This was truly a pity, because for all the classic beauty of its only recording, Blind Faith was a band that never had a legitimate opportunity to come together as a performing ensemble. Hyped to the hilt and rushed into a massive, chaotic tour, the band fell apart after its final American concerts when Eric Clapton packed in it to join Delaney & Bonnie's band.

Had to Cry Today
Can't Find My Way Home
Well...All Right
Presence of the Lord
Sea of Joy
Do What You Like

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posted on 07/31/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ted
I had an original copy and the CD. This copy blows them both away. The cd of course always sounded harsh. This album has warmth and detail like you can't beleive. The vinyl is also very quiet, but I do use wilson audio prelude to clean my albums, so that makes a huge difference.

What a great record

posted on 08/25/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: ken
Blowing away the cd version, the lp reiterates what was known for decades: this was one heck of a band and a wonderful album. Everyone seems to be at their peak here, and Eric and Stevie can do no wrong. And then we have that classic original album art...what more can be said??? Buy this now!

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