AcousTech - The Big Record Brush

 (5.5" - w/Grounding Cord)




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Record Cleaner


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Record Cleaner

Equipped with grounding cord for even better static dissipation.

For record cleaning and effective static control.

"This large-handled brush has soft bristles of both natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers, and makes dusting LPs nearly foolproof." Stereophile Recommended Components – Stereophile, October 2008

Dissipate static and wipe away harmful dust, lint and dirt with one simple stroke of this handle-held large brush. Unlike some record brushes, this model fits across the entire radius of a 12-inch LP. Its bristles are made of a unique blend of soft natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers that result in effective static dissipation. Packaged in a re-sealable pouch. For use on LPs, film, glass, plastics and negatives.

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watse of time

posted on 02/14/2016
1 Stars
Reviewer: ted ralston
after about two weeks and various attempts I cannot recommend this brush.

at first I tried it ungrounded for a couple of days and noticed no difference between it and the Hunt EDA I normally use. the mat actually came up with the record.

then I grounded it with the preferred instructed method the cord to the screw holding your plug cover to the wall. no change still ineffective. then I tried an alternate grounding to my power conditioner ground screw. no change then to my phono pre amp ground screw, again no change.

exasperated I then tried various speeds and number of revolutions of the disc sweeping and from fast to slow exiting the disc. again no luck.

while it does an adequate job of removing dust, no more or less than the Hunt brush, it is not an improvement... I used it in low humidity 35-40 % , on both a thin leather mat and a thin cork mat. the mat material made no difference.

not at all what I expected from a Stereophile recommended component

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