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Ah! The maestro work on this immortal classic is here to stand against any challenge from any similar recordings in the past and possibly the future.

1. Sinfonia (Grave. Allegro Moderato)
2. Comfort ye (Arioso, tenor)
3. Every valley (Air, tenor)
4. And the glory of the Lord (Chorus)
5. Thus saith the Lord (Recitative, bass)
6. But who may abide (Air, countertenor)
7. And He shall purify (Chorus)
8. Behold, a virgin (Recitative, countertenor)
9. O thou that tellest (Air, countertenor & chorus)
10. For, behold (Recitative, bass)
11. The people that walked (Air, Bass)
12. For unto us a Child is born (Chorus)
13. Pifa
14. There were shepherds abiding
15. Glory to God (Chorus)
16. Rejoice greatly (Air, soprano)
17. Then shall the eyes (Recitative, countertenor)
18. He shall feed his flock (Duet, alto & soprano)
19. His yoke is easy (Chorus)
20. Behold the Lamb of God (Chorus)
21. He was despised (Air, countertenor)
22. Surely, He hath borne (Chorus)
23. And with His stripes (Chorus)
24. All we like sheep (Chorus)
25. All they that see Him (Recitative, tenor)
26. He trusted in God (Chorus)
27. Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (Recitative, soprano)
28. Behold, and see (Arioso, sporano)
29. He was cut out (Recitative, tenor)
30. But Thou didst not leave (Air, tenor)
31. Lift up your heads (Chorus)
32. Unto which of the angels said (Recitative, tenor)
33. Let all the angels (Chorus)
34. Thou art gone (Air, countertenor)
35. The Lord gave the word (Chorus)
36. How beautiful (Air, soprano)
37. Why do the nations (Air, bass)
38. Let us break their bonds (Chorus)
39. He that dwelleth (Recitative, tenor)
40. Thou shalt break them (Air, tenor)
41. Hallelujah (Chorus)
42. I know that my Redeemer liveth (Air, soprano)
43. Since byman came death (Chorus)
44. Behold, I tell you a mystery (Recitative, bass)
45. The trumpet shall sound (Air, bass)
46. Then shall be brought (Recitative, countertenor)
47. Worthy is the Lamb (Chorus)
48. Amen

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