ODESZA - The Last Goodbye Tour Live

 (Limited Edition Ghostly Clear Vinyl)

ODESZA - The Last Goodbye Tour Live


Ninja Tune



Product No.:
ANJT 306
EAN: 5054429193503
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 3
Coming July 12, 2024


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Side A
1. This Version Of You
2. Behind The Sun
3. All We Need (ODESZA VIP Remix)
4. Love Letter (ODESZA VIP Remix)
5. Say My Name X Late Night

Side B
1. In The Rain
2. One Day They'll Know (ODESZA VIP Remix)
3. Wide Awake (Feat. Charlie Houston)
4. Bloom (ODESZA VIP Remix)
5. Equal X Boy

Side C
1. All My Life
2. Better Now (Feat. MARO)
3. Line Of Sight (Feat. Mansionair & Naomi Wild)
4. Forgive Me (Feat. Izzy Bizu) (ODESZA VIP Remix)
5. La Ciudad (ODESZA VIP Remix)

Side D
1. Selfish Soul (Feat. Sudan Archives) (ODESZA VIP Remix)
4. Sun Models (ODESZA VIP Remix)
5. Hopeful

Side E
1. Across The Room X Falls (ODESZA VIP Remix)
2. Loyal
3. Don't Stop (ODESZA VIP Remix)
4. Just A Memory (Interlude)

Side F
1. Higher Ground (Feat. Naomi Wild)
2. A Moment Apart (ODESZA VIP Remix)
3. The Last Goodbye

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