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Now on vinyl as a 4LP set!

Originally released by ABKCO as a 2CD set in 1994, Sam Cooke's SAR Records Story 1959-1965 is now available on vinyl as a 4LP set.

The set presents material recorded for the legendary soul singer's own SAR label from 1959-1965, much of it produced by Cooke himself and including a few of his rough, unreleased demos. Cooke cofounded and produced the majority of these records and was instrumental in the label's operation. Groundbreaking artists such as The Sour Stirrers, Johnnie Taylor, Billy Preston and Bobby Womack's group, The Valentinos, are all featured — in addition to Sam himself.

All in all, it's an excellent look at a lesser-known portion of Cooke's career, and there's some great, underappreciated music to boot.

1. Wade in the Water - Chatter - the Soul Stirrers
2. Wade in the Water - the Soul Stirrers
3. I'm a Pilgrim - the Soul Stirrers
4. Praying Ground - the Soul Stirrers
5. Somebody - Chatter - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
6. Somebody - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
7. Sometimes - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
8. Amazing Grace - the Soul Stirrers
9. Pass Me Not - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
10. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep - Chatter - the Soul Stirrers
11. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep - the Soul Stirrers
12. Since I Met the Savior - the Soul Stirrers
13. God Is Standing By - the Soul Stirrers
14. Lead Me to Cavalry - Rehearsal - the Soul Stirrers
15. Listen to the Angels Sing - the Soul Stirrers
16. Don't Leave Me Alone - the Soul Stirrers
17. Stand By Me Father - the Soul Stirrers
18. Jesus Be a Fence Around Me - the Soul Stirrers
19. Lead Me Jesus - the Soul Stirrers
20. Free at Last - the Soul Stirrers
21. Looking Back - Chatter - the Soul Stirrers
22. Looking Back - the Soul Stirrers
23. Born Again - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
24. Wait on Jesus - R. H. Harris ; His Gospel Paraders
25. Time Brings About a Change - the Soul Stirrers
26. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone - the Soul Stirrers
27. Yield Not to Temptaion - Chatter - the Womack Brothers
28. Yield Not to Temptation - the Womack Brothers
29. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - the Womack Brothers
30. Somewhere There's a God - the Womack Brothers
31. That's Heaven to Me - Sam Cooke
32. You Send Me - Demo - Sam Cooke
33. Just for You - Sam Cooke
34. Somewhere There's a Girl - Sam Cooke
35. You Were Made for Me - Sam Cooke
36. When a Boy Falls in Love - Mel Carter
37. Soothe Me - the Simms Twins
38. That's Where It's at - Chatter - the Simms Twins
39. That's Where It's at - the Simms Twins
40. Everybody Wants to Fall in Love - the Valentinos
41. Keep on Loving You - Johnnie Taylor
42. I'll Always Be in Love with You - Johnnie Taylor
43. Baby, We've Got Love - Chatter - Johnnie Taylor
44. Baby, We've Got Love - Johnnie Taylor
45. Baby, Lots of Luck - the Valentinos
46. Put Me Down Easy - L.C. Cooke
47. Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day) - Johnnie Taylor
48. Greazee Part I ; II - Billy Preston
49. I Gopher You - the Simms Twins
50. I Gopher You - Chatter - the Simms Twins
51. You're Always on My Mind - Johnnie Morisette
52. I Need Lots of Love - Johnnie Taylor
53. Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong - Johnnie Morisette
54. Black Night - Johnnie Morisette
55. Damper - Johnnie Morisette
56. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) - Johnnie Taylor
57. Meet Me at the Twisting Place - Chatter - Johnnie Taylor
58. Meet Me at the Twisting Place - Johnnie Morisette
59. Good Good Loving - the Simms Twins
60. The Wobble - L.C. Cooke
61. Lookin' for a Love - Chatter - the Valentinos
62. Lookin' for a Love - the Valentinos
63. I've Got Love for You - the Valentinos
64. I've Got a Girl - Chatter - the Valentinos
65. I've Got a Girl - the Valentinos
66. Tire of Living in the Country - the Valentinos
67. It's All Over Now - the Valentinos

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