Fela Kuti - Excuse O

 (Limited Edition Opaque Orange Vinyl)

Fela Kuti - Excuse O


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Limited edition opaque orange vinyl

Excuse-O isn't just a showcase of Fela's ability to build a groove that could fill a full LP side; it's a masterclass in personal and political criticism wrapped in two exceptional extended grooves. The title track A-side is a jittery rhythm where Fela sings of the many small agitating things that he comes across that could lead to an argument, or if unchecked, escalate to a fistfight; the track culminates in his annoyance of finding another man chatting up a woman he just went to buy a drink for.

The B-side is a denunciation of Nigerians' cultural inferiority complex and how the use of "proper English" language affected all aspects of one's life. This pointed commentary on post-colonial life is set in a smoother groove with call-and-response vocals driving the message home. This album marks the moment he moved away from singing exclusively in Yoruba and began to sing more in Pidgin, or as he called it "Broken English," to widen the appeal of his music. This edition is pressed on "Monkey Kola Orange" (opaque orange) vinyl.

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