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Vinyl Record

Steppenwolf's debut album, reissued

Includes the hits "Born to be Wild" and "The Pusher"

Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf released their self-titled debut album in 1968  on Dunhill Records. A success from the start, two songs from the album, "Born to Be Wild" and "The Pusher," were used in the soundtrack of the 1969 film Easy Rider. The LP is about as raucous and powerful as anything put out by a major record label in 1968. "Born to Be Wild" became a chart-topping high-energy anthem for the counterculture and coined the phrase "heavy metal."

Side 1
Sookie Sookie
Everybody's Next One
Berry Rides Again
Hootchie Kootchie Man
Born To Be Wild
Your Wall's Too High

Side 2
The Pusher
A Girl I Knew
Take What You Need
The Ostrich

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