The Neanderthals - The Neanderthals In Space

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Limited edition yellow vinyl

Outtasite rockers from San Diego lay a 21st century twist on '60s garage and punk music!

First-ever vinyl pressing for this prehistoric album!

Cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on moon rock gray vinyl at Citizen Vinyl!

A meteoric ball of barbaric, paleolithic, intergalactic ferocity!

More than a decade and a half after The Neanderthals In Space first appeared on Earth, this first-ever vinyl version of the album surfaces with an unearthed recording called "Devil Or Angel," along with 15 more primordial cuts!

No one would have believed in the first years of the 21st century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences far inferior to man's and yet more capable of reducing the Earth to a primordial state through primitive beats, animalistic grunts, and desperate rock'n'roll.

The first warning of this possible menace to human civilization began in 2005 when the automated early warning detection system buried deep in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex headquarters of the North American Aerospace Defense Command began sounding a red alert incursion into the farthest reaches of the Earth's atmosphere. A nuclear attack was quickly ruled out, as was an extinction-event-sized comet or asteroid. In fact, the object was much smaller than expected, considering the level of alarm sounded. Experts finally determined that the advanced artificial intelligence software had detected a previously unencountered menace requiring first-hand investigation.

A scientific team with an army escort rushed to the crash site in the wilds of Tennessee as researchers discovered the remains of a crudely chiseled stony "spacecraft" filled with a mad jumble of advanced alien technology and discarded beer cans, corn dog sticks, and pork rind packages. The shattered remains of phonograph records were also discovered.

At the same time, a new album, The Neanderthals in Space, appeared in less-reputable record shops and were hawked by sinister characters on playgrounds to unsuspecting youth. Whispered rumors circulated in some quarters that the album was actually the work of well-known musicians Eddie Angel (vocals & guitar), Johnny Rabb (vocals), and Pete Curry (bass, drums, organ and piano), with the mysterious "Insect Dave" Arnson supplying the "voice" of the Neanderthals. But such attributions seem highly implausible in the face of reports that repeated exposure to this supposed "space record" could result in spontaneous human devolution to a primitive and savage state.

Now, more than a decade and a half after The Neanderthals in Space first appeared on Earth, we can examine the evidence for ourselves as a disc of polyvinyl chloride. This first-ever vinyl version of this recording features an unearthed recording called "Devil Or Angel" which features the equally unlikely to be fully human, Jim Hoke. After examining this record many times we believe you'll find this prehistoric platter is indeed an extraterrestrial slobberknocker.


Side A
Twist To The Moon (Moon Twist)
Across The Universe
Rock The Universe
Beep Beep
Girl On The Moon
Twistin' Out In Space
Man From Mars
Side B
Space Oddity
Nasa'll Get It
Martian Hop
Knocked Out Joint On Mars
Purple People Eater
He Never Came Back

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