Dotti Holmberg - Some Times Happy Times

 (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl)

Dotti Holmberg - Some Times Happy Times





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Limited edition orange vinyl reissue!

Sunshine pop at its finest! Dotti Holmberg's dreamy vocals superbly combine with her innocent demeanor and saccharine lyrics to give listeners a spell-binding mixture of sticky sweet bubblegum pop. This LP features the former GoldeBriars' demos from 1966-1969, studio recordings produced by sunshine pop maestro Curt Boettcher, and is pressed on colored vinyl!

This package features the former GoldeBriars' demos and Curt Boettcher-produced studio recordings from 1966-1969.

After recording two albums for Epic and Columbia with The GoldeBriars, Dotti was left to forge a new path in the music business after the band broke up. She continued to write and record home demos in her Hollywood studio apartment, many of which are included here. A few years later, Dotti reconnected with ex-GoldeBriar Curt Boettcher. Curt, already recognized in Hollywood for his work with the Association, had started his own label: Our Productions.

With Curt's help, Dotti became the backup singer on the recordings of Tommy Roe, Bobby Jameson, Friar Tuck, and Lee Mallory, who would eventually become a member of Boettcher's new recording effort, the Millennium. Then, in the classic case of the backup singer who advanced to lead, Curt decided to produce five singles with Dotti. Two of the songs were hers. The studio where all this took place, Columbia Records Hollywood, shared an amazing new technology with Columbia Records New York: two 12-track tape machines synchronized to harness a total of 24 tracks. And this was the new plaything for two very particular talents, one in New York, the other in L.A.: Paul Simon and Curt Boettcher.

The musicians who backed Dotti were pure cream: Mike Deasy, Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff, and Toxie French of the Wrecking Crew. But before the sides could be pressed, promoted and released, Our Productions went under and all of her recordings were shelved.

Now unearthed and released from the vaults, Sundazed Music is delighted to bring Dotti's music to light once again.


Side A
1. I Sing My Song
2. Sea of Tears
3. Foolish Times
4. And We're One
5. Let You Know
6. The Bird (Didn't Die)
7. To Touch Upon the Light
8. The Essence
9. It's Not Worth It at All

Side B
1. Love Is (Demo)
2. Baby's Blues (demo)
3. Sometimes Happy Times
4. Magic Carpet Ride
5. Pickin' Daisies
6. When the Wind Blows (demo)
7. Love, Love (demo)
8. Visualize (demo)

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