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Coming December 02, 2022


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Double LP mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

A seminal early aughts album gets a much deserved expanded edition!

Loaded with bonus covers of Velvet Underground and Nico

Gatefold jacket chock-full of new liner notes from Jim Allen in conversation with Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide)

More than two decades later, Your Favorite Music undergoes another rebirth, with the welcome addition of four acoustic latter-day Barzelay performances from his crowdfunded covers project. A trio of Velvet Underground songs are transformed into folk ballads. Jackson Browne's "These Days," once covered by Velvets vocalist and Browne paramour Nico, was part of the VU universe too.

"My voice and Lou Reed's voice seem to fit together nicely," says Barzelay, who makes all four tunes feel like they're of a piece. "It feels great," says Barzelay of the expanded reissue treatment, "I'm deeply grateful. If more people that didn't know Clem Snide find their way into it, I think that'd be the best thing for sure." In other words, here's your chance for Your Favorite Music to become your favorite music.

1. The Dairy Queen
2. Exercise
3. Your Favorite Music
4. African Friend
5. Bread
6. I Love the Unknown
7. 1989
8. Loneliness Finds Her Own Way
9. Sweet Mother Russia
10. Messiah Complex Blues
11. Donna (Valens)
12. *The Water Song (originally unissued bonus track)
13. *All Tomorrow’s Parties (Velvets)
14. *Pale Blue Eyes (Velvets)
15. *These Days (Browne via Nico)
16. *Heroin (Velvets)

First time on vinyl

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