Luke Haines & Peter Buck - All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out

 (Limited Edition Yellow & Blue Colored Vinyl)

Luke Haines & Peter Buck - All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out


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ADPR 144
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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 140 Gram

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140-gram yellow and blue vinyl double LP!

Limited edition of 500 copies!

Full-color printed inner sleeves

During the last two years through Covid-19 lockdowns, Luke Haines and Peter Buck retreated to a Cold War bunker and recorded this double album/manifesto, monster-piece and masterpiece, in answer to the question: Why Are All The Kids Super Bummed Out?

This is the second album/collaboration between Luke Haines (Auteurs) and Peter Buck (R.E.M.). Peter Buck plays guitar and feeds LSD to a broken Moog synthesizer. Luke Haines sings songs about God, provides an occasional strum on his guitar, and blows Pan's Flute. Scott McCaughey plays the bass and mellotron and Linda Pitmon bangs the ritual drum. Lenny Kaye drops in and has a nightmare in the key of doo-wop.


Side A
1. The British Army on LSD
2. The Skies are Full of Insane Machines
3. Sunstroke
4. 45 Revolutions

Side B
1. Won’t Even Get Out of Bed
2. Psychedelic Star Csual
3. Subterranean Earth Stomp
4. The Commies are Coming
5. The First Time I Met God

Side C
1. Minimalist House Burns
2. Exit Space (All Kids Are Super Bummed Out)
3. Iranian Embassy Siege

Side D
1. You’re My Kind of Guru
2. Flying People
3. Diary of a Crap Artist
4. And We Will
5. Waiting for the UFOs

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