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The must-have speaker for any audiophile! Delivering top-of-the-line sound in a more compact design, the La Scala AL5 is the only other fully horn-loaded speaker in the Heritage series besides the legendary Klipschorn.

The La Scala AL5 mixes contemporary and classic design. The updated design features a silver metallic grille clothe, a vertical-grain match to smooth the lines of the piece, and bookmatched real wood veneer finishes.

The AL5 features a newly-designed, highly-efficient tweeter with an extremely high 109 dB sensitivity.

Our 90° X 40° Tractrix horn’s high-frequency performance creates a mammoth sound, bringing the most subtle nuances to the forefront of your listening experience.

Sporting a 1" compression driver, a 2" mid-range driver, and 15" woofer, the La Scala AL5 yields greater acoustic power. What you HEAR is the most dynamic sound possible for whatever music matches your mood!


    Includes New 10-Year Warranty
    Three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker
    One watt can generate a concert sound experience
    Clarity, accuracy, and remarkable tonal definition
    A best-in-class, highly durable speaker enclosure assembled with pride in Hope, AR as part of the Klipsch Heritage Series
    Available in Natural Cherry, Satin Black Ash and American Walnut book-matched veneers to complement any space

La Scala AL5 Specifications:

Frequency response: 51Hz-20kHz± 4dB
Power handling: 100 w max continuous (400 w peak)
Sensitivity: 105dB @ 2.83V/1meter
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover frequency: MF: 450Hz, HF: 4500Hz
Maximum acoustic output: 121dB SPL
Tweeter: K-771 1" (2.54cm) Light-Weight Polyimide Diaphragm Compression Driver Mated to a 90° x 40° Tractrix Horn
Midrange: K-55-X 2” (5.08cm) Phenolic diaphragm compression driver
Mid frequency horn: Exponential Horn
Woofer: K-33-E 15" (38.1cm) Fiber-composite cone with a folded horn
Enclosure material: Birch Plywood and MDF
Enclosure type: Fully horn-loaded
Dimensions: 40” H (101.6 cm) x 24.25” W (61.59 cm) x 25.31” D (64.29 cm)
Weight: 201 lbs unboxed
Finishes: Natural Cherry, Satin Black Ash and American Walnut
Built from: 2018

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Great speaker, excellent value

posted on 07/12/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vince
I have a pair of these and have played them in 3 homes. They sound great in all 3. Paired mine with a Cayin MA-88T integrated amp; wonderful with it.

These speakers are a great value, 2 reasons: 1. They sound great. There are better speakers out there, no doubt. However, there probably aren't better 7k$ full range (OK, nearly full range) speakers. I think part of this is has to do with the boxy design. These are not the prettiest speakers but we don't listen with our eyes. Your $ pays for great sound, not pretty.

2. Because they are horns they are VERY efficient. The Cayin is far more powerful than it needs to be, even in ultra linear. This means less $ on amplification and still get rock concert levels (also great at acoustic level). Bass horns are not as placement sensitive. I have used them only inches from the wall to great effect. No bloated bass in small rooms!

They image well. Properly set up you will have a great sweet spot to "watch" the band.

Heritage ROCKS

posted on 11/20/2005
5 Stars
I have heard this speaker at the Klipsch engineering lab in Hope Arkansas. Being an owner of both home and industrial versions of the earlier LaScala speakers I was already a fan.

Klipsch has upped the ante this time, with heavy 1" MDF in the bass bin to tame cabinet vibrations and help propel low bass notes forward. Horn is the venerable 400 Hz cutoff for a very musical soundstage and the K77 tweeter is also upgraded as is the crossover network. This is a monster speaker with 104 db/watt efficiency rating and very capable of handling peaks of 200 watts. Fantastic sound for critical stereo listening or Home Theatre useage.

The furniture grade cabinet, previously available only in unfinished birch, black or industrial varieties, has been given a beautiful real wood veneer treatment for placement in the home environment. For easy movement, the top section is removable, and the LS sports a new riser base.

Well done Klipsch!

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