The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely

 (30th Ann iversary Deluxe Edition 3 LP Box Set + Blu-Ray + Book)


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The Tragically Hip marks 30th Anniversary of Fully Completely with deluxe box set!

3LP/ Blu-ray set includes the Fully Completely original album remastered by Bob Ludwig

Blu-ray contains Dolby Atmos/Surround Sound mixes

Also includes 56-page book and five exclusive lithographs by cover artist Lieve Prins

30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the Tragically Hip's iconic 1992 album, Fully Completely. The 3 LP/Blu-ray box set includes the original album on vinyl, plus bonus studio session tracks ("Radio Show," "So Hard Done By") and the Live at the Horseshoe concert from September 13, 1992. Also included is a Blu-ray of brand-new Dolby Atmos/Surround Sound mixes of the album, the Heksenketel 1993 tour documentary, a 56-page book, and five exclusive Lieve Prins lithographs.

Fully Completely is where The Tragically Hip reach the apex of their talent. Originally released on October 6, 1992, the album went on to sell more than 1 million copies in Canada and is quickly approaching double diamond status. The album spawned multiple hit singles — "Locked in the Trunk of a Car," "Courage" (For Hugh McLennan), "At the Hundredth Meridian" "Fifty Mission Cap" and "Wheat Kings."

At the 2017 Polaris Music Prize the album won the public vote for the Heritage Prize in the 1986-1995 category. Originally released on October 6, 1992, the album was produced by Chris Tsangarides (Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, Concrete Blonde) and recorded at Battery Studios in London the summer of 1992.

A quintessential band whose music captures the essence of being Canadian, The Tragically Hip used their enormous megaphone in 2016 to shine a spotlight on the country's systemic mistreatment of indigenous peoples. The legacy of the band's frontman, the late Gord Downie, continues with The Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, which aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Side A
1. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)
2. Looking for a Place to Happen
3. At the Hundredth Meridian
4. Pigeon Camera
5. Lionized
6. Eldorado
Side B
1. We’ll Go, Too
2. Fully Completely
3. Fifty Mission Cap
4. Wheat Kings
5. The Wherewithal
6. Locked in the Trunk of a Car

Side C
1. At The Hundredth Meridian
2. Fifty Mission Cap
3. We’ll Go Too
4. Fully Completely
5. Pigeon Camera
Side D
1. Twist My Arm
2. Lionized
3. Wheat Kings
4. Eldorado

Side E
1. Looking For A Place To Happen
2. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)
3. Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
4. The Wherewithal
Side F
1. Radio Show
2. So Hard Done By

Blu-ray: Fully Completely Dolby Atmos Mixes + Heksenketel documentary
Fully Completely Dolby Atmos Mix
1. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)
2. Looking for a Place to Happen
3. At the Hundredth Meridian
4. Pigeon Camera
5. Lionized
6. Eldorado
7. We’ll Go, Too
8. Fully Completely
9. Fifty Mission Cap
10. Wheat Kings
11. The Wherewithal
12. Locked in the Trunk of a Car

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