The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

Akron, Ohio has allowed The Black Keys to remain unaffected by the creepy tides of fashion, to develop at their own pace and serendipitously to bloom at a time when genuine soul is in high demand. Sure, it's hip to be a two-piece, the duo thing is huge right now; everyone's looking for the new Laurel & Hardy, but if the bass-less guitar/drums set-up has become common currency, it's the uncommon value that always shines through. On thickfreakness, The Black Keys pay musical dividends up front and in the back. So come on...

"Akron has spawned the most compelling two-piece, hyper-primitive, blues-based rock band of the last five years. This is one of the five best records of 2002, and bass players everywhere should continue to grow nervous." - Chuck Klosterman, The Village Voice

1. Thickfreakness
2. Hard Row
3. Set You Free
4. Midnight in Her Eyes
5. Have Love Will Travel
6. Hurt Like Mine
7. Everywhere I Go
8. No Trust
9. If You See Me
10. Hold Me in Your Arms
11. I Cry Alone

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