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Bruce Hornsby embraces evolution of his musical style

Award-winning pianist, singer and songwriter returns with 'Flicted

"The late-career renaissance of a great American troubadour continues..." — Pitchfork

‘Flicted, the new studio album from award-winning pianist, singer and songwriter Bruce Hornsby, is set for release on May 27, 2022 via his own Zappo Productions/Thirty Tigers. Recorded last summer, the new record is the follow up to Hornsby's acclaimed albums, Absolute Zero and Non-Secure Connection.

‘Flicted completes a trilogy of song collections (Absolute Zero and Non-Secure Connection) based on film "cues" Hornsby composed for writer and director Spike Lee. This unique approach enables him to build upon and explore new stylistic techniques while collaborating with a wide variety of talented artists. On ‘Flicted, Hornsby's goal was to make a more upbeat record overall, speaking on COVID-19 using the world of science as a recurring influence.

Co-produced by Hornsby and Tony Berg, the 12-track album features additional production work from Rechtshaid and Wayne Pooley. ‘Flicted also features a duet with Danielle Haim on the pandemic shut-down era piece "Days Ahead" as well as further contributions from Rob Moose who provided several arrangements and performances individually and as a member of yMusic. The record also includes a re-imagining of Chuck Berry's "Too Much Monkey Business," marking the first cover song to ever appear on Hornsby's studio releases.

"This record being the third in a trilogy of song collections mostly based on film music I wrote for Spike Lee over the past few years, I wanted to move to some new stylistic places and maybe make a more upbeat record overall. We don't get a ballad until No. 7, the pandemic shut-down era piece 'Days Ahead' ( a duet with Danielle Haim). Lyrically the record is dotted with three Covid-related songs; the aforementioned, 'Tag' and the album opener 'Sidelines' (a duet with Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend), and otherwise ranges far afield with the world of science again a recurring influence ('Lidar' and 'Point Omega').

"The record also includes the first cover song I've ever put on a studio release, a total re-imagining of Chuck Berry's 'Too Much Monkey Business.' The album title ‘Flicted relates to this strange time in which we live, when the world is basically, well, ‘flicted!" — Bruce Hornsby

1. Sidelines
2. Tag
3. The Hound
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. Maybe Now
6. Bucket List
7. Days Ahead
8. Lidar
9. Is This It
10. Had Enough
11. Simple Prayer II
12. Point Omega

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