Max Richter - Invasion

 (Music from the Original TV Series: Season 1)





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ADEC 9501
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2


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Side A:
1. Invasion Main Title
2. And At This Frequency
3. Permanently Retired
4. JASA Launch
5. Stranded
6. Missing Hinata
7. Carry Chavez Out
8. What Do We Do

Side B:
1. It's The Hoshi-12
2. Hinata's Room
3. Emergency Signal
4. Quiet As A Mouse
5. Cleared To Leave
6. Aneesha's Kiss

Side C:
1. Vastness of Space
2. Hinata Was Her
3. Coming For Casper
4. Listen To Your Voice
5. Inside The Hive Mind

Side D:
1. President's Address
2. It Was You
3. Here For You
4. Your Crew Is Dead
5. You're Full Of Stars

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