Josephine Foster - Godmother

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A beautifully observed baroque masterpiece, part dream pop, part futuristic psych-folk with ambient synths and Josephine Foster's plaintive guitar. Godmother is a slowly unfolding song cycle that marries a myriad of previous musical escapades with electronic experiments.

Exploring new horizons on this record, it sees Foster at her most expressive and hypnotic. Now back home in the mountains of Colorado, Josephine's 20-year journey to this new nirvana becomes enthralled further with a symphony of synths that sound like they are played in some neighbouring netherworld, through cotton gauze. It's music that's devotional, spiritual, a fitting soundtrack for any journey within or without, a means to experience places and vibrations beyond the boundary of time and space.

Discussing the record, Josephine explains: "You may notice me travelling a bit further sonically from our precious earth, aspiring to rise into broader astral perspective, to contemplate the light and origins of it all, as I do believe there is a grand source that is the sum of it all, us all. Performing all the parts on this recording, you may sense me focusing gestures of my singing into the instrumentation, which is a very great relief indeed, as the voice has such grand dreams to be set free."

Side A
1. Hum Menina
2. Sparks Fly
3. Guardian Angel
4. Old Teardrop

Side B
1. Flask of Wine
2. Gold Entwine
3. Dali Rama
4. Nun of the Above
5. The Sum of Us All

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