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"Unlike so many other disillusioned 18-year-olds with a Fender and a microphone, Jordan does not whine or wallow; she transcends. She articulates the self-conscious shame of youth with a startling clarity, but she also knows that these things too will pass. Her sorrowful pleas-of disappointment, of confusion, of unrequited queer love-often turn into triumphs upon hitting open air." — Pitchfork

Debut 2018 album on Matador! Slowcore riff-rock 'n' DIY guitar-pop from Baltimore teenager Lindsey Jordan, for fans of Liz Phair and Soccer Mommy. Includes "Pristine" and "Heat Wave." 

Side A
1. Intro
2. Pristine
3. Speaking Terms
4. Heat Wave
5. Stick

Side B
1. Let's Find An Out
2. Golden Dream
3. Full Control
4. Deep Sea
5. Anytime

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